QUATTRINI - Tuning for advanced users

QUATTRINI - Tuning from Italy is virtually obligatory for Vespa and Lambretta: here you can hear the potential horsepower already rattling in the package. At the forefront: Max Quattrini, who developed the M1 cylinder kit a few years ago. His company from Felegara, near Parma, got off to a flying start because it hit the nerve of the time. Since then, he has never tired of working on further developments for QUATTRINI to meet the growing demands of his customers.

  • High End Tuning

  • Made in Italy

  • Tested in racing

  • Suitable for racing and touring

QUATTRINI - One man revolutionises the tuning world

Max Quattrini

"In 1977 I bought my first Vespa. Without an engine. I built it up while my classmates were playing football on the football pitch after school. I still don't know where the football field is ;-) Since then, the Vespa fever has not let me go and it is fun and challenges my skills to tickle more and more power with high durability out of the Vespa engines. With my cylinders, I place the highest value on the quality of the materials used. Every single component has to be of the highest quality in order to build a good cylinder," Max explains. And he should know, after all, he was head of development at Eurocilindro Srl. for years and thus responsible for the planning, development and production of high-quality cylinder kits.

Max Quattrini is also no stranger to other areas of two-stroke tuning. From classic motorbike and race kart tuning to engine construction for aircraft and skidoos, he has worked as a consultant and developer for a wide variety of companies. He is now incorporating this varied background into the development of his own cylinders. His claim: "The kits must not only be high-quality and durable, but also deliver absolutely competitive performance." As a true screwdriver, he is of course far from satisfied with the current status quo, but looks ambitiously to the future, in which he wants to produce cylinder kits that are even a little more sophisticated ... and even a little more potent.

»I believe that the M-244 cylinder, for example, is the best basis for tuned 200cc Vespa engines. A brilliant part.«
–Jesco Schmidt, SIP Product Manager

QUATTRINI at SIP Scootershop

The parts from Italy are for the advanced tuning specialist and we don't really need to recommend anything to him, because everyone knows that QUATTRINI stands for high-end tuning. Whether cylinders, pistons or racing exhausts - the products keep their promises. That's why we're only listing the products that are most frequently sold at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Do you need an engine for racing or touring? It doesn't matter, with parts from QUATTRINI everything is possible.