SIP Scootershop Flagship Store Landsberg am Lech



When you think of SIP Scootershop, you probably associate it mainly with Replacement Parts, Accessories, Tuning and Accessories for Vespas, Lambrettas and other two-wheelers. This is of course correct, because our success is based on these products. They are the cornerstones of our range, they form the basis and the core business. However, a visit to our shop in Landsberg am Lech provides an insight into a world that wants to be discovered beyond Carburettors, Exhaust Systems and Shock Absorbers. Although the Vespa is the sun of our galaxy around which everything revolves, it also shines on other stars that reflect its Light brightly. And it is in its glow that our SIP Scootershop Flagship Store shines.

When we started planning the new SIP headquarters in 2014, we quickly realised that we needed a flagship for our products. A kind of "world of experience" where things can be taken in hand. Where visitors can get explanations and advice. A place that invites visitors to browse and linger. A meeting place for Screws, recreational riders and interested people. The idea of the shop was born. With direct connection to our offices, Bearing and workshops. The result of all these considerations is today's flagship store, which since 2016 has a large selection of articles on its shelves and showcases on around 300 m².


SIP Scootershop Flagship Store 2021