SIP Scootershop Open Day

10.00 Clock to 17.00 Clock

The SIP Open Day is traditionally the annual start to the scooter season in Landsberg am Lech! Every year in mid-May, scooter riders from near and far get on the move, often organised at meeting points in Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt etc., and roll up to the SIP Scootershop - a big Vespa and Lambretta rally to Upper Bavaria!

Impression of the SIP Open Day 2023
Vespa and Lambretta fans at the SIP Open Day 2023

Festival of 30 Years Performance & Style

The next SIP Open Day in Landsberg will take place on Saturday, 18 May 2024 - save the date! This event will be the big celebration of our 30th anniversary. We are expecting a large number of guests from Germany and abroad. We look forward to seeing everyone to celebrate this milestone birthday together.

What can you expect from us?

SIP Open Day 2024
SIP Open Day Poster 2024
  • from 10 Clock crispy pizza from the wood-fired ape and Italian salsiccia rolls from the Grill

  • Food and drink from our Italian SIPERIA café bar

  • SIP Scootershop flagship store opens from 10-17 Clock

  • Parts and used scooter market

  • 11 Clock Pinstriping with airbrush legend Marcus Pfeil from Austria

  • 12 Clock Official presentation of the 30th anniversary SIP Custom Vespa

  • 2 Clock Vespa acrobatics show with Vespa stunt legend Nicola Impennatore from Italy

  • 11 Clock to 15 clock official tournament sports run of the Vespa Club of Germany

  • Performance measurements on calibrated P4 Amerschläger test bench for a voluntary donation of €10 (who will break the horsepower record?)

  • Photowall for all visitors

  • Guidance through logistics and administration

  • Bouncy castle for children

  • Information stands from the Vespa Cowboys, Vespa Club Munich, Vespa Club of Germany

  • Company stands from PINASCO, BFA, BITUBO, DUNLOP, EGIG, Scootering Magazine, Blechgefährten

  • Live DJ sound

Saturday evening big Soulniter in Landsberg

Special this year: In the evening we start at 18.00 Clock in the beer garden of Moritz. At 9.00 Clock the Soul Allnighter starts in the beautiful cellar vault of the Moritz Club in Landsberg, with the Soul DJ legends Harry and Schmidl from Ried im Innkreis (AT). Be sure to plan an overnight stay! You can find accommodation in Landsberg under this link. We are very much looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with you, it will be legendary!

Current information here on our Facebook page. Please JOIN and stay informed.

SIP TV video of the Open Day 2023

Every year a SIP TV video of our Open Day is created, here is the video of the SIP Open Day 2023, on our YouTube channel you will find many more SIP Open Day videos! The Open Day is always available as an event on our Facebook page, here you will find the latest information - it's best to like it directly and click on "interested" or "participate" at the SIP Open Day event.

Pictures from the SIP Open Day 2023

SIP Scootershop Open Day 2023