SIP Speedo Karacho

The SIP TACHO KARACHO is an acceleration race on a 150 m race track in the Frame of the German Tin Scooter Championship. This event has already taken place twice, in 2018 and 2019, directly outside the gates of the SIP Scootershop on a closed-off public road. In addition, there will be a paddock for spectators to walk through, a moderation leading through all races and classes, as well as catering from SIPERIA.

Here is the report on SIP Tacho Karacho II from 2019:

Rarely does a second installment reach the level of the first. At least, that's true for American cinema films, classics of world literature or rescue attempts of the once great love. Fortunately, this is not the case in sport. So the new edition of the DBM race at the gates of the SIP building, in the middle of Landsberg, was anything but boring. There was the participation of top Italian riders, extremely close races, new best times, small scandals, an extremely emotional press conference and unfortunately also an accident. All this in good weather, in front of a very well attended main grandstand. The day was competently and entertainingly presented by DAZN presenter Harald Birk and DBM co-organiser Andre Scholz.

As the SIP Tacho Karacho II was not just a race, but SIP Scootershop had planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company with riders and spectators, not only the German racing elite, but also some riders from Italy and Austria followed the call from Bavaria. In total, more than 40 riders registered for the various classes. The Italians were as strong as usual. Among them were top riders like Simone Bertani from BFA or Ivan Maghini from Tiniracing. However, Claudio Maffi from Team Cinquini took the day's victory in the "Best of All" classification. Unfortunately, the top German drivers of the last years all had to struggle with problems or retired due to technical failures. Only Frank Schiemer was able to keep up with the fast Italians until the final, where he was narrowly beaten. Maffi also set a new record for the event. He needed 6.52 seconds for the 150 m including reaction time. A top speed of about 137 km/h from a standing start over the short distance was achieved by no less than six riders in the field.

SIP Tacho Karacho 2019

Of course there is also a SIP TV video of the Tacho Karacho II on our YouTube channel. On our Facebook page you will find long live recordings of the race day.