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SIP Joyride

Every year in June the SIP Joyride takes place - a day trip with a scooter in a larger group that has already become a tradition for many. For most participants, the joyride already begins at home with the journey to the SIP Scootershop in Landsberg. In many places, groups organise themselves, e.g. via Facebook, and arrive together as a crowd in Landsberg. Little by little, more and more participants arrive from all directions, drink a coffee in the Siperia, exchange petrol talks and admire the sparkling Vespas and Lambrettas.

SIP Vespa & Lambretta Joyride 2019

The oldest Vespa participating so far was from 1948, the oldest participant was 88 years old, one scooter rider came from Australia, one female scooter rider from Hong Kong! And according to their own words, visiting Landsberg and taking part in the Vespa Tour was a bigger highlight for them than Neuschwanstein and the Bundestag in Berlin. Scooter riders have already travelled from the Moselle, from behind Stuttgart, from Vorarlberg as well as Salzburg to be able to take part in this family event in Landsberg.

The tour takes us over small roads from the SIP Scootershop in Landsberg through the beautiful old town of Landsberg, over picturesque little villages between Lech and Ammersee, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. At Diessen am Ammersee there is a stop to chat, have a drink and enjoy the view of the lake. After an hour's break, the group rolls on around the southern Ammersee to Andechs Monastery and then via Pilsensee and Wörthsee to Schondorf to the Seepost - the end point of the approximately 80 km tour.

The SIP Vespa & Lambretta Joyride is also suitable for 50cc scooters! You can find many more SIP Open Day videos on our YouTube channel! On our Facebook page, the SIP Joyride is always available as an event, here you will find the latest information - the best thing to do is to like it directly and click on "interested" or "participate" for the SIP Vespa & Lambretta Joyride event.

See you soon at our next Joyride in Landsberg, we look forward to seeing you!