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LML - Spare parts and accessories at SIP Scootershop

LML - The Indian company Lohia Machinery Limited (LML) was allowed to manufacture Vespas under licence from Piaggio for many years. In its heyday, LML sold 325,000 scooters a year (1998). in 1999, the cooperation with Piaggio ended and LML produced its own motorbikes and scooters. in 2018, the company filed for insolvency. However, at SIP Scootershop you can still find hundreds of accessories and replacement parts and we will stock them while stocks last.

  • Licensed products from Piaggio

  • Still millions of LML Vespas on the roads

  • Large selection of articles

LML - The great up and down

The history of LML begins in 1972 in the Indian city of Kanpur. At that time, the company was involved in the production of synthetic fibres and leather processing. Ten years after the company was founded, a technical cooperation with Piaggio began and the company produced the Vespa PX 100 E with 100 cc engines under licence. in 1985 the Vespa PX 150 E appeared and a year later the Vespa 150 DZ. Five years later, LML separated from all other business fields and entered the scooter business completely.

The most successful years of the company followed, as the economic boom in India required mobility for millions of people. In 1999, LML had risen to become India's leading motorbike manufacturer, but Piaggio's licence expired and LML had to launch its own models. The slow descent began: a long strike forced LML to close its factories in 2006 and production was stopped. It was not until March 2008 that production resumed and the LML-Star models, very similar to the Vespa PX, were produced mainly for export. The scooters with four-stroke engines found many buyers, especially in Europe and the USA, because Piaggio continued to market the Vespas as two-stroke models.

LML gradually lost more and more market share and even the production of its own motorbikes could not turn the tide. LML failed to regain market share in India and in 2018, LML filed for bankruptcy after 46 years.

In September 2022, the big comeback was announced. The company is now called LML Emotion Private Limited and the newly announced LML Star no longer runs on fuel, but electrically.

LML at SIP Scootershop

As already mentioned above, we still stock numerous accessories and spare parts for LML scooters despite the insolvency of the Indian manufacturer. In addition, we are always trying to track down and acquire further stock worldwide. Just take a look through what we still have on the shelves. There's still plenty to discover from the bolt to the tank.

The best-selling LML parts at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: There's life in the old dog yet. Maybe this is true for LML again.