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BFA Motori - at SIP Scootershop

BFA Motori - High End Tuning in perfection. The engine housings, clutches, racing cylinders and gearboxes are currently the brightest stars in the tuning sky. If you want to push your largeframe or smallframe Vespa into new spheres, you can hardly get around the parts from Parma in Italy. More power is currently unavailable elsewhere. BFA Motori has set standards.

  • Highest quality in material and workmanship

  • Made in Italy

  • Tuning for racing or touring

  • Permanent further development

BFA Motori - An accountant and a mechanical engineer

"BFA" - the three letters were created from the names Fabio Begani and Alessandro Graiani. The two founded the company in March 2019, but have been working together for over 10 years. Alessandro is an accountant by profession and works as an administrative manager in a company. Fabio is the engineer at BFA Motori and works as a technical director in the food industry. In their spare time, however, they devote themselves to engines and, in particular, to tuning. "I have always been passionate about racing engines and tuning, whatever the vehicle," says Fabio, confessing that he prefers wrenching to driving.

"SIP has the skills and infrastructure to continue and develop such an extensive project as the 306cc engine. We like how the collaboration with SIP is developing."
–Fabio Begani, BFA

They appeared on the map with the 306 cc engine for Largeframe Vespas. Alessandro tells how the idea for this engine came about: "After a few successful years and victories in the Italian championship in the 225cc PX class, with riders like Simone Viberti and Renato Fancellu, the idea matured. The constant development and increase in performance led to
more and more problems with the old Piaggio parts. So we decided to do it right and to develop a sensible housing with a sensibly dimensioned crankshaft. The displacement of 306 cc was a consequence of the bore and stroke possible for a powerful and reliable engine, within the PX dimensions."

The 306 is characterised by its very good power and excellent torque. It is made for high revs and our SIP wrench Jesco has already tickled over 70 hp out of the machine. But even with plug & play, over 50 hp can already be achieved, which is a very good starting point for further tuning. In July 2018, the 306 project was handed over to SIP Scootershop, because Alessandro and Fabio wanted to dedicate themselves to their true passion: smallframe models.

With the 288 cc engine, a new reference point was created in the smallframe world. Power, rideability, durability, properly sized cases and a perfect crankshaft are the characteristics of this groundbreaking engine. BFA are optimistic about the future and want to remain a small team: "We don't have a long-term plan. We are small and only need a short way from the idea to the finished product. We have a lot of ideas, even outside of the gearshift scooters. Maybe something will come for the Vespa GTS 300."

We can look forward to seeing what else these geniuses from Italy will present in the coming years.

BFA at SIP Scootershop

As already mentioned, the cooperation between BFA and SIP Scootershop is a very special one. Since 2018, we have been looking after the 306 cc engine and related parts. And exclusively! BFA is only available from us in Germany and we are quite proud of that. We can actually recommend all parts from BFA Motori and put our hands on a hot exhaust for quality. Have fun browsing, dreaming and screwing.

Just have a look at these BFA parts at SIP Scootershop:

And in our 92-page "Catalogue SIP BFA Tuning" we explain everything about tuning with BFA parts. Be sure to take a look!

Conclusion: Words cannot express at all how a Smallframe or Largeframe Vespa with BFA parts feels. You have to experience it to understand it.