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SIP Performance - Vespa & Lambretta Tuning

With the SIP PERFORMANCE articles, we have developed products that are performance-enhancing or more functional. As scooter riders, we know exactly what is missing or can be made better on the scooter parts market. With improved fit and higher quality, we manufacture exhaust systems, ignition kits, speedometers, rims, clutches and much more. So SIP PERFORMANCE products are ideal for Vespa and scooter riders who are not satisfied with the ordinary items.

We would like to present a few highlights from the SIP PERFORMANCE range:

Exhaust systems SIP Road

The SIP Road is the archetype of the box exhaust systems. With it, the concept of a racing exhaust, based on a box in the look of the original exhaust systems of the Vespa Largeframe models, became known and popular to a broad mass of Vespa riders. The power delivery suitable for everyday use and the easy tuning of engines equipped with the SIP Road 2.0 are particularly pleasant. In recent years, many racing exhaust systems in box format have been developed and a great many manufacturers have brought such systems onto the market. Impressive power and torque values have been achieved. The top performance of the SIP Road 2.0 Box is now surpassed by some. Only the easy handling, the compatibility with every engine concept and the starting torque remained unmatched.

Nevertheless, it was time to develop a new box. The requirements were high. It should still work on any engine. It should work in a low rev range suitable for everyday use, it should have at least as much power in this range as the most powerful boxes on the market and it should achieve all this with a full-size box. The new SIP Road 3.0 should continue to be inconspicuous and compact. This proved to be the biggest challenge. Many manufacturers use larger boxes because it is easier to gain performance with a larger volume. Unfortunately, the set goals also stretched the development time. But the result is impressive. A small box that can be combined well with a wide variety of setups and has no need to shy away from comparison in the touring box sector.

SIP "Supersport" clutch

The principle of the inverted Vespa Largeframe clutch is becoming more and more popular. Grinding-in and separation behaviour are convincing. Unfortunately, these clutches are usually expensive, which increases the hurdle for the changeover. The aim of the Supersport clutch is to make the ease of use attractive even for 20-30 hp engines.

The small company BFA Motori from Italy made a start and was the first to reverse the operating principle of the clutch for Vespa Largeframe models. This means that the outer basket no longer rotates with the crankshaft, but the inner basket. This principle was copied by several manufacturers, but the performance of the BFA clutch was never achieved. SIP Scootershop bought the clutch from BFA in 2019 and continues to have it produced by the same manufacturers in Italy. The clutch works perfectly and can withstand power levels of over 70hp without any problems. Since the full performance of the BFA clutch is rarely needed, we decided to develop a similar clutch with four discs. The aim was to implement the perfect function and durability of the BFA clutch into a cheaper clutch that can easily transmit 50 hp.

The result is impressive and can only be matched or surpassed in function and durability by the 5-disc BFA clutch.

Crankshafts from SIP PERFORMANCE

The crankshaft line from SIP PERFORMANCE is manufactured in Italy and meets the highest demands placed on crankshafts. Particular attention has been paid to the best quality and sophisticated design features. The balance of each crankshaft is adapted to the stroke, connecting rod length and scooter model. Crankshafts with a particularly long connecting rod, which are designed for heavier 72 mm pistons or which require more counterweight due to a particularly long stroke, are additionally equipped with tungsten weights.

Shock absorbers from SIP PERFORMANCE

The SIP PERFORMANCE shock absorber series catapulted the Vespa shock absorber market into the new millennium years ago and closed the gap in the previous range: State-of-the-art adjustable aluminium CNC shock absorbers at affordable prices.

All our experience from over 30 years of scooter experience flowed into the development. Prior to series production, the SIP Performance shock absorber was even tested at the clutch and suspension specialist Sachs (since 2001 ZF Friedrichshafen AG) in Schweinfurt. Bitubos and similar gas pressure shock absorbers served as comparison objects. The test results confirmed our preliminary work and the ideal conception of a Vespa shock absorber. According to the Sachs engineers, the SIP Performance was the test winner. We are therefore particularly proud to be able to present you this experience concentrated in a high-end shock absorber according to our ideas.

Features such as infinitely variable spring preload and adjustable rebound damping are only part of the sophisticated characteristics. Technical refinements such as a 14 mm stroke rod, hardened materials and an additional guide plate for the upper rubber bearing provide noticeably more stability in the chassis. High-quality materials are just as much a matter of course as precise and detailed CNC production and a perfect finish including surface protection.

And much more for Vespa and Lambretta ...

This is just a small excerpt from our SIP PERFORMANCE programme with more than 1,000 different articles. We hope you enjoy selecting and viewing the products!