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Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE 2.0 front for Vespa PK50-125/S/SS/XL/XL2/Automatica/125-150ccm Primavera/Sprint
Part no.: 76005FSB
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1,14kg / Piece
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Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE 2.0 front

for Vespa PK50-125/​S/​SS/​XL/​XL2/​Automatica/​125-150ccm Primavera/​Sprint

also for conversion to disc brake for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3/​VNA/​VNB/​150 VBA/​VBB/​T4 /​GT/​GTR/​TS/​Super/​150 GL/​Sprint/​V/​Super/​Rally
  • l 185 mm
  • aluminium
  • body: silver
  • spring: black
  • spring pre-load: adjustable
  • rebound adjustment: 18 settings
  • with ABE, KBA 91475
  • with TÜV test report
Suspension SPORT - comfortable
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VAT included Free shipping
1,14kg / Piece
Part no.: 76005FSB

Product description

Performance front suspension for Vespa PK scooters. Perfect starting point for modified forks for Vespa Largeframes and vintage Vespas.


A few years ago the SIP PERFORMANCE Shocks-Series took the Vespa performance suspension market into the new millennium, closing a gap in what was out there with affordable fully adjustable CNC shocks. These state-of-the art beauties are the culmination of the wealth of experience we learned over thirty years of scootering. Prior to final production we even had our SIP Performance shocks tested by clutch and suspension experts Sachs in Schweinfurt (ZF Friedrichshafen AG since 2001), with Bitubo and similar gas-pressure type shocks as reference. The result of these tests was a confirmation of our work and of our take of the ideal Vespa shock. The Sachs’ engineers proclaimed the SIP Performance the overall winner of the test. We present to you, with pride, our experience and expertise, concentrated in a high-end shock built to our design:

  • Infinitely adjustable spring preload
  • Rebound adjustable in 18 increments
  • 14mm pushrod

Features like infinitely adjustable spring preload and adjustable rebound are only a part of the package. Technical details such as the 14mm pushrod diameter, polished and hardened surfaces and an additional guiding cup for the upper rubber bushing make for a significantly more stable ride quality. We did of course spec the highest quality of materials available, that goes without saying, just like accurate CNC production, a perfect finish and a durable surface treatment. The rear shock also comes with a SIP bolt kit for the lower shock mount. This includes bolts for all the usual outside bushing dimensions (M9/M10)! In addition to that we include shims to take care of the tolerances of different fork and shock mount variations of different manufacturers.


Unique feature of the MK 2.0 version

The Mk 2.0 version was designed to offer touring Scooterists in particular the maximum of comfort on even the roughest roads and even the longest riding days. The pushrod now is even beefier, with 14mm diameter, the lower mount too is stronger still, with a modified visual and technical design. You now set up your ride either for comfort of for the race track, or for anything in between


Spring preload: The infinitely adjustable spring preload helps you to find the best base setup of the suspension spring. This is what you use to adjust the suspension for different rider and scooter weights. The tool required to work in your spring preload is, of course, part of the package. Rebound adjustment:


Rebound adjustment rounds off the overall design. It determines the rebound characteristics of the shock, it influences how your suspension works when riding over potholes, bumps and also when braking. There are 18 setting to choose from to adjust rebound. When turning clockwise you increase dampening, when turning counter clockwise you decrease dampening (direction as seen from above).


Front and centre for how your scooter rides is how you set up your suspension. Check here to see how this works.


The perfect solution for modified forks

With a length of 185mm this shock in particular lends itself for fork conversions, like PK fork fitted to V50 or PV, or P Range fork fitted to Sprint or VBB.


Our SIP PERFORMANCE shock for the PK Vespas is available in four different colours, silver and black, with high gloss or matte as options. The spring for all of these is black.


Conclusion: A great alternative to all past and present shocks, not only because it improves the ride but also because it looks the part.

Technical details

  • Aearospace Aluminium for low weight and high strength
  • CNC body, anodised
  • Spring preload infinitely adjustable
  • Rebound adjustment with 18 increments
  • Ø=14mm piston pushrod
  • Smoothest and most comfortable ride
  • Incl. SIP boltkit

The Best Setup – Our SIP-TIP:

  • Use our conversion forks to fit modern shocks to older Small- and Largeframe Vespas art.-no. 13347100 and art.-no. 13337000.
  • Best use our shocks as a set. The front is only as good as the back, and the other way round: art.-no. 76000RSB.
  • A good ride needs a good braking performance as well: art.-no. 30005000.

Attention: For Grimeca Disc brakes you may have to slightly modify the shock mount. The factory powder coating varies considerably in thickness. A quick and easy to do job.

EAN Number: 4260277182212

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