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DELL'ORTO - Carburettor for all Vespas

DELL'ORTO - More family business is hardly possible! And now in its third generation. What Gaetano Dell'Orto started with his two sons in 1933 is still in the hands of the descendants today. Scooter riders know it: DELL'ORTO stands for carburettors par excellence, but over the years has expanded its product range to include electronic control units. Quality and tradition from Cabiate, Italy.

  • Designed In Italy

  • Racing proven quality

  • Family-owned for three generations

  • In-house production, research & development

DELL'ORTO - The History

The first carburettor to leave the newly founded factory in Cabiate, north of Milan, in 1933 bore the less than poetic name "SC 26", but it soon became known in the trade and in the vernacular as the "Rex". The customers were Moto Guzzi, Benelli and even then Piaggio. All stages of production, such as die-casting, machining and assembly, came from DELLORTO.

In 1940, the company plunged into motorsport and began producing high-performance carburettors.

Twenty years later, DELL'ORTO supplied a new generation of carburettors to manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Ford, Lotus, Lancia and others. DELLORTO carburettors were indispensable for vehicles with four wheels. In 1990, the Italians started to build a new component: the throttle body was developed in compliance with national and international environmental standards.

In 2000, the third generation of the Dell'Orto family joined the company, but Guiseppe has been the grey eminence, president and heart of the company for 50 years, supporting the new generation: Andrea is the Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing Manager and Chairman of Dell'Orto India Pvt. Ltd. Luca has been Managing Director at DELL'ORTO since 2014 and the third in the bunch is Davide Dell'Orto, who is a board member and CTO.

In 2006, difficult times dawned for the two-stroke engines of Vespas, as the Euro3 standard came into force. DELLORTO developed the Electronic Carburetion System (ECS), which made it possible to comply with the new strict limits for pollutant emissions. In the same year, production was launched in India. Since 2008, the Italians have been involved in the production of the "Tato Nano" or "People Car", which is used in developing countries.


Since 2011, DELL'ORTO has been the exclusive supplier of control units for the "International Motorcycle Federation" without interruption. In the Moto3 racing series, the unit takes care of the entire management of the racing engine with software calibration and data acquisition. In 2019, the commitment was also extended to the MotoE class.

For its 80th anniversary in 2013, DELL'ORTO consolidates its partnership with the Bosch Group and opens up its distribution network for them. Five years later, the strategic joint venture with Varroc is a milestone for the company. Together, injection systems are developed for the Indian and global market. DELL'ORTO sees itself as a global system integrator for two- and three-wheelers. Since 2020, DELL'ORTO has also been focusing on the future of mobility, forging a joint venture with Energica Motor Company for the production of the Power Unit for small and medium electric vehicles.

Today, in addition to its headquarters in Italy, DELL'ORTO has subsidiaries in India and China.

DELL'ORTO - The different series

"I remember the first time I met two guys from Germany who were passionate about scooters at the fair in Milan. Since then, DELL'ORTO has established a long-lasting cooperation with the company, which became one of the market leaders. SIP Scootershop has great expertise in the products and attention to the customer."

–Stefano Prandini, Aftermarket Manager, DELL'ORTO

For many years, DELL'ORTO carburettors have stood for more power when fitted to a Classic or Modern Vespa. They are often better tuned than the products of other manufacturers and are often factory-fitted on Piaggio, among others.

Classics, such as the SI 24.24, are often modified by tuners like the Denis Racing Team (DRT) or SIP Scootershop to build touring machines.

The PHB series of "drum carburettors", on the other hand, is the first choice for mid-range tuning and offers the greatest possible performance for relatively low cost.

For smallframe scooters, the SHB series carburettors are perfect. Whether 75 or 130 cc - with this carburettor, every engine is given a boost. Discreet and effective.

The flat slide carburettors from the VHSB series are among the largest and most powerful DELL'ORTO carburettors. They represent the top among the products for two-strokes. They are not only suitable for use on potent largeframe engines, but also for high-end smallframe setups.

Of course, there are many other models, but whichever one you choose - with a DELLORTO carburettor, every owner of a Classic or Modern Vespa gets outstanding quality.

The most popular DELL'ORTO parts at SIP Scootershop.

At SIP Scootershop we stock over 1,000 products from the Italian manufacturer. Of course we have the carburettors in our range, but also jet needles, throttle slides, springs, float chambers and much, much more. Naturally, it is difficult for us to pick out and present the best parts. However, the following five product families from our range are recommended as examples:

Conclusion: For decades, the family-owned Italian company with a long tradition has been impressing with high-quality and sophisticated products that are still unrivalled on the market.