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MALOSSI - Tuning directly from the official importer

MALOSSI - One of the big names in the tuning scene for scooters and maxi-scooters - and has been for more than 50 years. After several moves due to the rapid development of the company, MALOSSI is now based in Calderara di Reno, near Bologna, Italy.

  • Made In Italy

  • Decades of tuning experience

  • A real family business

  • In-house research, development and production

MALOSSI - A family history


It all began in 1930 with Armando Malossi and the founding of "Cycles and Moto Malossi". Bologna was then a poor city, shattered by two wars and the family left the city centre to escape the bombardments of the Second World War.

In the post-war period, the company got fresh impetus and focused on bicycles and the repair and restoration of motorbikes. Armando's eldest son Ugo joined his father's business. His passion for motorbikes led to the establishment of a department for the development of two- and four-stroke engines. A far-reaching decision.

In the 1960s, the car became the new favourite of Italians and MALOSSI produced carburettors for the automotive industry and racing. In 1969, Ugo's younger brother Sandro joined the company and became sales and IT network manager. Business was booming, orders were coming in from all over the world and expansion was on the agenda. With new staff, the company moved to Calderara di Reno. The year 1978 was particularly formative, because the first MALOSSI conversion kit for the Yamaha TY 50 cc Enduro came onto the market with a silencer, cylinder head and piston. The great success was the starting signal for a long series of conversion kits for many manufacturers and engines.

Under the management of Sandro, the racing department is launched and under the name "Trofei Malossi", racing series are held not only in Italy, but also in Greece, England, Spain, France and Germany.

The family grows. Ugo's children, son Andrea and daughter Alessandra, join the company in the 1980s. Andrea's passion is engines of all kinds and Alessandra takes over the marketing of the products.

MALOSSI - 1983: The year of the Vespa


Spurred on by success with moped kits in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, MALOSSI turns its attention to the Italian market and sets its sights on the most popular vehicles of the time: Vespa scooters from Piaggio. With the experience gained from rebuilding the Yamaha Enduro, MALOSSI quickly produces innovations for Piaggio scooters and conquers the hearts of domestic scooter riders.

In the early 1990s, the first conversion kits for the Vespa 50 PX and T3 come onto the market. MALOSSI has established itself as a tuning manufacturer for Vespas and produces high-performance parts developed for use in special competitions under the name "Malossi Hyper Racing" (MHR). In 1996, the "RS24" brand is born: specific scooter suspensions for the racetrack.

The turn of the millennium confronts the company management with an important decision: Should MALOSSI enter the business with four-stroke scooters, the so-called "maxi-scooters"? The Italians embark on the adventure and start to rebuild the Majesty 250, followed by camshafts, valves and secondary gearboxes for the increasingly popular maxi-scooters. But the sporty Vespa GTS is also tuned with the V4 HEAD four-stroke engine, which makes 125 to 300 cc possible.

The bold four-stroke decision bears fruit and necessitates the last move for the time being: The new company building in Calderara di Reno is built on 12,000 sqm with production facilities, test rooms, laboratories, offices and a large warehouse.

MALOSSI & SIP SCOOTERSHOP - More than a decade of close partnership

"A real friendship has developed between Malossi and us over the years, which is always reinforced during personal meetings. Malossi is one of the most important brands in our range, with which everyone in the SIP team can identify."

–Stephan Hufschmid, SIP-Vertriebsleiter

In 2009, the first talks took place between Malossi and SIP Scootershop to find out whether we could be the right partner as an importer for Germany. During mutual visits, it quickly became clear that both companies shared the same goals and philosophies. An agreement was reached and Stephan Hufschmied became SIP's sales manager for Malossi in Germany. He looks after imports and built up the B2B business nationwide. Today we have over 3,500 Malossi products in our range and 85% of them are available directly from stock. "When a scooter rider hears the name Malossi, he thinks of performance enhancement and quality," Stephan tells us. "The Malossi family is crazy about racing in a positive sense. The company's own Malossi Cup is even on TV in Italy. And they use this Cup to test prototypes they have developed themselves on the race track. Only when they have proven their suitability there do they go into series production. That's where the high quality you're used to from Malossi comes from."

Further developments of existing products are also subjected to hardcore testing in racing. Only what works on the race track is also suitable for everyday use. Malossi has established itself in Germany over the years and no workshop can do without the parts from Italy. Whether it's a Ciao moped, a manual moped, a modern or a classic Vespa - Malossi is there for everyone and SIP Scootershop offers an attractive complete package for interested dealers.

MALOSSI - Quality and Innovation

"For years,the tuning forge from Bologna has stood for the highest quality and technical innovation. Always the famous nose length ahead."

–Fachmagazin Scooter & Sport, 2017

At MALOSSI, everything is really made in-house: Made in Italy. Research and development are at the beginning of the production chain, which ends with packaging and marketing. All steps are in the hands of the family members. The accumulated experience and knowledge are passed down through the generations.
Using the latest CAD programmes, renderings and 3D models, the self-designed drafts finally reach the robot-controlled production. A worldwide network of dealers makes the products available around the globe.

The most popular MALOSSI parts at SIP Scootershop.


We have over 3,500 products from MALOSSI and MALOSSI MHR in our range. Naturally, it is difficult for us to recommend just a few, but we have asked the experts at SIP Scootershop and even they have not come to a clear conclusion. We present our own ranking list of MALOSSI parts here.

SIP Scootershop is the official importer and distributor for all MALOSSI products in Germany.

The most sought-after MALOSSI products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: The family business from Italy looks back on decades of experience in the development and production of tuning parts. MALOSSI stands for high-end quality - Made In Italy.

Geschäftspartner und Freunde: (von li. n. re.) Ralf, Andrea Malossi (Chef Entwicklung), Alex und Alessandra Malossi (Leitung Marketing & Vertrieb).