MICHELIN - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

MICHELIN - For more than 130 years, the French manufacturer has been developing tyres, services and solutions to sustainably improve mobility. Especially the newly developed technologies make their tyres unique and provide excellent driving performance. Add to that the cool look and MICHELIN delivers perfect products.

  • Safe cornering thanks to Progressive Sipe Technology (PST)

  • Resistance and better grip with Two Compound Technology (2CT)

  • Further development based on the Hypersport motorcycle tyre

  • Best performance for Classic, Sport and Off-Road

MICHELIN - History

The first two-wheeler to arrive at Michelin in 1891 is pulled by oxen - so exhausted is the owner after trying in vain to fix a puncture. Edouard Michelin spends a day and a night repairing the tyres. In the process, he recognises the comfort that pneumatic tyres give the two-wheeler - the discovery that starts it all. That same year, he patented his invention and entered the rubber tyre business with his brother André.

Soon after, motorbikes became successful in the racing world. MICHELIN won several races in 1899: Nice-Castellane, Paris-Roubaix, Critérium des motocycles or even the Coupe des motocycles.

After the Second World War, scooters became more and more important and MICHELIN developed tyres for two-wheelers with 50 cc engines. In 1993, at the "Mondial du Deux-Roues" motorbike show, MICHELIN presented two tyres for the new generation of scooters: the "MICHELIN Reggae" and the "MICHELIN Dexter".

Among other things, the invention of the radial tyre was a milestone in the company's history. When Jody Schlecker won Formula 1 in 1979 with his Ferrari and MICHELIN tyres, the company had reached the top with its successes in motorsport. Further triumphs followed and in the 80s even the American space shuttles landed on tyres from Clermont-Ferrand. The company also made a name for itself with road maps and navigation as well as the famous "Guide Michelin" with hotel and restaurant recommendations.

For some years now, MICHELIN has been committed to sustainability with its "Strategy 2048" and is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment. 80% of its tyres are to be manufactured with sustainable materials and all tyres from its own production are to be recycled. And together with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), MICHELIN is planning the sustainable management of rubber plantations to prevent further deforestation of tropical rainforests.

»With MICHELIN, the name speaks for itself. It's not for nothing that the Piaggio Group chose this manufacturer as its original equipment supplier. With the City Grip 2, they have designed an excellent tyre for all weather conditions and the high mileage also speaks for itself.«
–Nico Gnisci, 7-time DBM champion

MICHELIN thus remains true to the vision of its two founders, Edouard and André Michelin, for more than 130 years. Their idea: to make mobility as simple, safe, comfortable and sustainable as possible.

Today, MICHELIN is still headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where the Michelin brothers founded a tyre dynasty. The company now has 67 production sites in 17 countries, around 127,000 employees, sales presences in 170 countries and produced 200 million tyres in 2018 alone. MICHELIN also has branches in Germany: There are plants in Karlsruhe, Homburg, Bad Kreuznach, Hallstadt and Trier with around 5,400 employees. In 2020, MICHELIN invested 700 million euros in research and development and equips premium products with the latest technologies.

MICHELIN - Bibendum: More than a brand logo

"Bibendum" is the actual name of the Michelin man. For the company, it is more than just a brand logo and is closely linked to the history of MICHELIN. In a pile of tyres in front of a trade fair stand, the company's founders André and Edouard Michelin recognised the figure of a giant man. In 1898, the Michelin Man then took shape for the first time on an advertising poster by the commercial artist Marius Rossillon alias O'Galop. The title of the poster: "Nunc est bibendum".

Why the Roman toast "Now let's drink" gives the poster its title and the Michelin man his name is resolved in the subline: "Here's to you! The Michelin tyre swallows the obstacle!" (in the original: "À votre Santé. Le pneu Michelin boit l'obstacle!").

This refers to broken glass and nails - not uncommon on the dusty roads at the turn of the century - which the Michelin man swallows with relish and ease. Life-size, he finally makes his public debut at the MICHELIN stand at the first Paris Motor Show.

In 2000, a jury of 22 designers, advertising agencies, executives and marketing specialists chose the Michelin Bibendum as the best logo in history. The competition was run by the Financial Times and Canada's Report on Business magazine.

»What I appreciate about SIP is the collaborative partnership and especially the expertise, quality and service that the company stands for. Moreover, our relationship has existed since the early years of SIP Scootershop - marked both by business successes and by friendly interaction with each other.«
–Ottmar Klein, Account Manager Michelin

The most popular MICHELIN tyres at SIP Scootershop.

MICHELIN has a long history with scooter tyres. The S1 and the S83 are classics. The long experience in racing also benefits the modern scooter tyres of the French manufacturer. Various technologies developed by MICHELIN are used:

The 2CT Dual Compound Technology, used for example in the Power Pure SC, was developed in 2005 and successfully combines two opposites: A harder rubber compound is used at the centre of the tyre. This not only increases the life of the tyre, but also its resistance. At the tyre shoulders, on the other hand, the compound is softer and provides exceptional grip in the curves.

With the City Grip series, in turn, MICHELIN developed the first scooter tyres with the so-called Progressive Sipe Technology (PST) in 2010: continuous sipes break up the surface of the water film - no matter how worn the tread is. And thanks to the increased number of sipes on the tyre shoulders, safe cornering becomes child's play. Well-known manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Peugeot, Piaggio or Vespa, have been equipping their scooters with MICHELIN City Grip 2 as original equipment for several years.

MICHELIN stands for safety, driving pleasure and balanced performance characteristics and offers the right tyre for almost every application and every vehicle - from classic to modern.

These tyres are very popular at SIP Scootershop:

  • S83 - Adapted safety and grip for retro scooters.

  • S1 - Performance and design, for long life and excellent riding characteristics.

  • ACS - For classic city scooters with small displacement. Good value for money.

  • City Grip - The first scooter tyre with PST sipe technology.

  • Power Pure SC - Great performance and best looks thanks to 2CT technology.

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