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DUNLOP - Living The Dream! Passion and innovation drive the inventor of pneumatic tyres. For over 125 years, DUNLOP has been one of the largest tyre manufacturers. Through constant research and new technologies, DUNLOP is one of the most successful manufacturers in the two-wheeler sector.

  • High-performance racing tyres - for classic scooters and modern scooters

  • Technology transfer from the race track to the road

  • Motorbike know-how finds its way into scooter tyres

  • Experience and innovation since 1888

DUNLOP tyres - over 125 years of history

John Boyd Dunlop

Curiously, the DUNLOP success story began neither on four wheels nor on two, but on three. In 1888, the Scottish veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921) watched his son Johnny bump over cobblestones on his tricycle, which was fitted with hard rubber tyres. It was obvious that the boy was not going fast, nor was he comfortable. Dunlop rebuilt the tricycle: He wrapped thin rubber bands around the tyres, glued them together and then inflated them with a football pump - using the top of a baby bottle as a valve. This is how he developed the first air cushion system in history and paved the way for the first pneumatic tyre. And his son experienced improved riding comfort and road holding.

Dunlop immediately patented his idea and turned his invention into a commercial venture. In the same year, he founded the "DUNLOP Pneumatic Tire Co. Ltd.", which quickly became known beyond the country's borders. In 1890 Dunlop opened his first tyre factory in Dublin, Ireland and three years later the first factory on the continent, in Hanau, Germany. In 1895, the first car ran on pneumatic tyres.

Less than a year later, Dunlop's invention made its racing debut on two wheels. It helped an unknown rider, thanks to the advantage of pneumatic tyres, beat his stronger rivals with ease in a series of bicycle races. This immediately led to motorsport becoming an inseparable part of DUNLOP's origins.

Victory in the 1902 Paris-Vienna race whetted DUNLOP's appetite for motorsport success, and by the 1920s they were producing tyres capable of speeds in excess of 300 km/h, helping Henry Segrave to a land speed record of 372 km/h in 1927. DUNLOP continued to develop record breaking tyres and eventually the limit was pushed to 634 km/h in 1947 with John Cobb's Railton Mobil Special. A record that would remain unbroken for 23 years.

DUNLOP's first Grand Prix victory came in 1923, the first win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans a year later. In the 50s and 60s DUNLOP dominated the racing scene on two and four wheels. Eight Formula 1 World Championship titles and 82 Grand Prix victories were celebrated. All in all, DUNLOP won 34 of 71 of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On two wheels, the same story has been told since the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships started in 1949. Dunlop riders have won more than half of the 2321 Grand Prix races and 105 World Championship titles.

Latest technologies in DUNLOP scooter tyres

»Dunlop appreciates SIP Scootershop's high level of expertise as well as excellent customer service in the scooter segment and looks forward to a good and reliable partnership in the future.«
–Philipp Maurer, Senior Specialist Marketing Motorcycle D-A-CH, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH

Unique tread designs offer consistently high performance over the entire service life. Latest generation silica tread compounds provide excellent wet and dry grip. With the ScootSmart tyre, DUNLOP is responding to the generally increasing performance of scooters and the resulting rise in customer demands.

Scooters are no longer just regarded as an inexpensive, purpose-oriented motorised means of transport, but also serve many riders as a fully-fledged motorbike replacement. In addition to the maximum permissible speed of up to 210 km/h for the ScootSmart, the DUNLOP tyres also distinguish themselves through the new tread compounds or the perfect grip through advanced rubber compounds, as with the TT93 GP racing tyre.

»The TT 93 GP gave us 3/4 of a second per lap with a lap time of 60 seconds. All the other tyres were worse. The 93 sticks better, is softer and needs more tyre pressure than the 92. But it also wears out faster.«

–Stoffi, SIP-STOFFI Racing Team, German Champion ESC 2006/2007

The most popular DUNLOP tyres at SIP Scootershop

Our cooperation with DUNLOP began with the DUNLOP TT 93 GP. The racing teams at that time rode on the TT tyres and were very successful.

The DUNLOP TT93 GP is a high-performance tyre and combines high grip values with top stability and confidence-inspiring handling - all this together with very good mileage.

With the ScootSmart, DUNLOP offers a high-performance scooter tyre of the latest generation for every type of scooter - from small 50 cc scooters to high-performance power scooters. The ScootSmart from DUNLOP is ideal for low and high speeds and is available in dimensions from 10 to 16 inches. The scooter tyre is excellent to ride on both wet and dry surfaces and the long life of the ScootSmart makes it the perfect touring companion. The rubber compound and the sporty tread also feel very comfortable on alpine tracks. No wonder that the trade magazine SCOOTER & Sport wrote about this tyre in February 2020: "Wow, what a banger. (...) Fast driving made easy, without any disadvantages at touring speed. At the very top of the range when accelerating."

The current DUNLOP tyres in our range are:

  • TT93 GP - The exclusive racing tyre combines high grip values with top stability.

  • ScootSmart - The latest generation of tyres for every type of scooter.

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