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VAPE - Manufacturer of the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition since 2017 - The original

VAPE - We have been working with the Czech company from Kromeriz for many years and have jointly developed the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition. You can read the whole story of the ignition in detail in a separate blog. The ignition has revolutionised the market since its release in 2017 and is very popular with classic Vespa and Lambretta riders. The know-how of VAPE and the engineers and product developers at SIP Scootershop has resulted in an ignition that is unique.

  • Extensive experience with ignition systems

  • Long-standing partner of SIP Scootershop

  • Original equipment manufacturer of various brands

VAPE - the experts for ignition systems

VAPE spol. s r. o. was founded in 1991 by development employees of PAL MAGNETON Kromeriz. At the beginning, the company focused on the development and production of electronic devices and equipment, including electrical equipment for motor vehicles. However, one main activity soon crystallised: the development, manufacture and sale of ignition systems, motorbike alternators, voltage regulators and control systems for motorbikes, small agricultural tractors and other petrol engines.

A major advantage of the company has always been the sufficient number of qualified employees in the region, where the tradition of this field began as early as 1926. Originally, the company headquarters in Tesnovice near Kromeriz was located in various buildings, and part of the production also took place in Kvasice. However, this decentralised arrangement of the company premises soon became insufficient due to the constant growth of the production volume.

The special feature of the VAPE ignition

  • No flashing necessary

  • Fan rims CNC milled

  • Significantly higher cooling capacity

The electrical operation corresponds to the current state of the art. With 8 light coils on the base plate, enough current is generated to let the vehicle lights light up brightly even at idle speed.

One of the greatest advances is the production of the pole wheel from one piece, without an individually riveted cone. This virtually eliminates imbalance and runout, reduces engine vibration and minimises wear on the crankshaft bearings. The fan rings are CNC-milled from aluminium and match the original fan wheels of the PX125 and PK models in terms of volume flow at low and high revs; the cooling capacity of other tuning ignitions is clearly surpassed, but without braking at high revs.

The pickup on the base plate is arranged in two parts, one behind the other, instead of side by side as on the original PIAGGIO. This makes the ignition insensitive to lateral misalignment, which occasionally occurs due to manufacturing tolerances in some engine cases, crankshafts, ignition base plates and pole wheels. The exact ignition timing is marked on the pole wheel and base plate with a precise line. This makes it possible to adjust the ignition without flashing the stroboscope lamp. For this, it is only necessary to determine the top dead centre, e.g. with an envelope measurement.

"The collaboration with VAPE has been and continues to be extremely successful, as you can see from the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition, which is truly an innovation for classic Vespas."

André Jüterbock, SIP Engineer

Which VAPE ignition is the right one for me?

  • Road version with static ignition timing

  • Sport version with adjustable ignition timing

  • Direct current (DC) version for models with battery

  • Alternating current (AC) version for models without battery

The customer can choose between a Road and Sport version as well as a direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) version: The CDI is available as a Road version with static ignition timing (as original) and in the Sport version with variable ignition timing, so that a higher pre-ignition is available at low revs. This results in higher torque, especially in the pre-reso speed range; in the resonance range itself, pre-ignition decreases, combustion is cooler and the speed band becomes wider upwards. Between 4000 and 8000 rpm, for example, the ignition shifts 8 degrees towards late.

They are available in DC and AC versions. If you want to connect a SIP speedometer and other digital consumers, as well as a high charging current for the battery, you should rather choose the direct current (DC) version. The AC version does not require a battery, but only generates electricity when the engine is running.

VAPE at SIP Scootershop

Together with VAPE we have developed more than 40 ignitions for Vespa and Lambretta, further variants are constantly in preparation and planning. We also produce pole wheels, ignition base plates, fan rings and many other parts around the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition. VAPE ignitions are available for the following models:

Conclusion: The partnership between VAPE and SIP Scootershop has produced an ignition that will delight Vespa and Lambretta fans all over the world.