Vespa Smallframe Model Science

Created by Jesco at 15:08 on August 26, 2021

In our first two blog posts (Vespa Wideframe and Vespa Largeframe) on Vespa model knowledge, we explained how the idea for the Vespa came about and what makes the Vespa models Wideframe and Largeframe. In the third part of our series, we now deal with the Vespa Smallframe. And here you can find the blogs about Lambretta and Modern Vespa.

Thereby we clarify questions like: Why was the Vespa Smallframe series developed and what are the differences to the Vespa Wideframe and Largeframe models? Which technical changes has the model series undergone compared to the other series? And what special features and curiosities were there within the Smallframe series?

An impressive collection of Smallframe scooters at our host Erik.

How did the Vespa Smallframe series come into being?

How to recognize a Vespa Smallframe and what are the most important features?

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