New: 125 cc Racing Cylinder from SIP PERFORMANCE!

Created by Dietrich Limper at 11:11 on November 27, 2023

In this video, Elvis introduces you to a very special Cylinder for the Smallframe Vespas: Our 125 cc Racing Cylinder from SIP PERFORMANCE. This update transforms your "Fuffi" into a 125cc Vespa with much more power and performance. And the best thing about it? Thanks to a parts certificate from the TÜV, the Cylinder is absolutely roadworthy and can be ridden without the need for a complex extra test.

Short and sweet: the driving licence

The 125 cc class is very popular and offers an ideal start into the world of motorised two-wheelers. Depending on the respective national regulations, 125 cc vehicles can be ridden from the age of 16 with a special motorbike driving licence. In some cases, a car driving licence is sufficient.

Elvis shows how it's done!

The SIP Performance 125 ccm cylinder kits offer the possibility of building engines that comply with certain driving licence requirements and still deliver particularly good performance. While the standard 125 cc engines of Vespa Smallframe models achieve a power output of just 5.6 hp and a top speed of 85 km/h, the SIP Performance 125 cc kit can achieve higher performance comparable to the 133 to 136 cc grey cast iron tuning cylinders that have been widely used since the 1990s.

However, it is essential that an agreement (not a test!) is made with the relevant licensing authorities before use on public roads!

Technical specifications

The good news surrounding this Cylinder doesn't stop there. Here are a few technical highlights: The grey cast iron cylinder, which is characterised by a bore of 55.6 mm and a stroke of 51 mm, achieves a displacement of 123.83 cc. Equipped with six transfer ports and a flat piston with two Piston Rings, the Cylinder offers robust performance. The Cylinder Head is secured with eight Screws and the distance between the exhaust studs is 52 mm. The scope of delivery also includes four base gaskets. Another advantage of this cylinder is that it can be fitted to the Crankcase without any adjustments.

You can watch as Elvis pushes his 125 onto the test bench and achieves quite astonishing results - 8.2 hp at the rear wheel and 9.3 hp at the Engine are indeed more than decent. It's the first Cylinder ever that you can ride without the annoying, expensive and time-consuming process of getting your own expert report. If that's not fantastic news ..

Video: Increasing riding performance with the 125 cc Racing Cylinder from SIP PERFORMANCE!

Racing Cylinder SIP PERFORMANCE 125 cc 6 Travasi
for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/2
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