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Variator MALOSSI Multivar 2000

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 200-300ccm

also, for PIAGGIO Leader/​Quasar 200-300ccm, 4T LC
  • 20x17 mm
  • 14,0/16,0g
OEM number(s): 5111885 (MALOSSI)
31 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
950g / Piece
Part no.: M5111885

Product description

Together with cylinder and crankshaft the Variator is at the heart of an automatic engine. Not only does it influence the shifting and thus the acceleration, it also very much determines how smooth an engine runs and the top-speed of a CVT engine. Replacing the original variator of an engine with a Sports-variator is a quick way to significantly increase your scooter’s power at the rear wheel. In addition to that fitting it is much easier than swapping a cylinder or the like!


You definitely cannot go wrong with MULTIVAR made by MALOSSI. The MALOSSI system has a proven track record of over 5 years in Quasar models. The MALOSSIVariator for all Vespa GTS models of 250cc and over combines performance and reliability like no other. The MALOSSI variator system is similar to the original one where the rollers move the ramp plate with their centrifugal force and by doing so causes the belt to shift the transmission ratio. The main difference to the original variator is the different belt surface angle, a low friction centre bush, lower total weight and optimised roller tracks of the variator rollers. In total these differences make for a much improved throttle response of the scooter and more homogeneous acceleration. When we recently measures power on an otherwise standard GTS 300 EURO 4 we found power at the rear wheel was up one BHP!



SIP stocks two versions of the MALOSSI Mulitvar:


Variator MALOSSI Multivar – M5111885

Excellent quality, precision made, pulley made from silicon aluminium on state-of-the-art CNC machines with a diamond ground finish, the rollers included are PTFE coated and thus self-lubricating, includes counter pressure spring, self-lubricating centre bush, improved shifting, better acceleration and slightly higher top speed, can be set up for each model, easy to fit.


Variator MALOSSI Multivar „Legal“ – M5111885H

With the “Legal“ version of the MALOSSI Multivar for Vespa GTS Models you can ride even on German roads with a clean conscience. The question whether using a sports variator in public travel in Germany is off the table with this variator. Together with the GTÜ and the national German road authority SIP Scootershop has tested the MALOSSI Multivar as thoroughly as possible, with a type approval for the M5111885 variator. We pass this approval on to you, based on your scooters frame number. Based on this you can easily get a TÜV homologation for this variator. After that meeting the police is no longer a challenge, no matter how intimately they may check your scooter!

Attention: The certificate is only valid in combination with the 15.0gr. vario rollers!


SIP-TIP: Use a MALOSSI Kevlar belt with the variator. If you should want more power still do have a close look at the SIP CHIP injection module!


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 5111885 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260088518361

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    Technik Variomatik_ENG


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