Vespa Tutorial: Assembling the SIP Supersport clutch

Created by Dietrich Limper at 13:01 on January 10, 2023

In this clutch assembly tutorial, André shows how to install the brand new SIP "Supersport" clutch from the SIP Performance series. First, the clutch gearwheel and outer basket are bolted and additionally glued. And because this is all a bit more complicated than with a Cosa clutch and the SIP "Supersport" clutch also has more individual parts, it's best to watch the video, because it explains everything in an excellent and understandable way.

You can find even more technical details and background information on the clutch in this blog and video.

clutch tutorial-7
And it's already mounted, the SIP "Supersport" clutch

How did the "Supersport" clutch come about?

The tuning company BFA Motori from Italy was the first to reverse the operating principle of the clutch for Vespa Largeframe models. This means that the outer basket no longer rotates with the crankshaft, but the inner basket. This principle was copied by several manufacturers, but the performance of the BFA clutch was never achieved. SIP Scootershop bought the clutch and the concept from BFA in 2019 and continues to have it produced by the same manufacturers in Italy. The clutch works perfectly and can easily withstand a power output of over 70 hp. Since the full performance of the BFA clutch is rarely needed, we decided to develop a similar clutch with four discs. The aim was to transfer the perfect function and durability of the BFA clutch into a cheaper clutch that can easily transmit 50 hp.

The result is impressive and is only matched or surpassed in function and load capacity by the 5-disc BFA clutch. As with the BFA version, the pinion is bolted with twelve screws. The four clutch facings are taken from the Cosa clutch design, SIP facings on aluminium carrier material are used. This has allowed the number of plates to be increased on both the inner and outer basket, which increases the service life of the lining and separator discs. Up to nine springs provide sufficient contact pressure. CNC-manufactured individual parts made of high-quality aluminium ensure low weight and high quality standards. The pressure plate is mounted on ball bearings and the pads can be changed while installed.

Conclusion: The Supersport clutch for the Vespa Largeframe models is the absolute high-end solution for a clean, reliable and easy-to-use power connection between engine and gearbox.

Video: SIP "Supersport" clutch assembly tutorial

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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