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Case Carrier sideways FEHLING "flex" for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT 60
Part no.: FL7715K
VAT included Free shipping
4,5kg / Pair
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Case Carrier sideways FEHLING "flex"

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60

  • chrome
One rating
VAT included Free shipping
4,5kg / Pair
Part no.: FL7715K

Product description

FEHLING stands for quality and innovation. This traditional German company has been in business manufacturing chromed crash bars and luggage racks for motorcycles since 1946. A few years ago, FEHLING decided to include scooter accessories in their product line.

FEHLING combines classic lines with highest quality handwork in their Vespa GT crash bar. Top fit together with first class chrome material. Rear and front crash bars are available. If you plan to implement only a rear crash bar (without a front bar) an additional bracket will be necessary.


These legshield crash bars are solidly connected to the scooters frame by making two holes in the horncover and attaching the lower fixings to the bottom of the toolbox. The many fixing points ensure a greater level of protection against damage occurring to the scooters frame if it falls over or is involved in a traffic accident.


The sidepanel crash bars are attached directly to the frame at six separate points at the rear of the scooter. Two are beneath the rear light assembly, two hidden beneath the seat and two underneath the sidepanel extensions. The solidly bolted attachments offers greater protection than more common crash bar types. These crash bars are perfectly complemented by the legshield crash bars produced by FEHLING.


The Case Carrier is attached directly to the frame at the same six separate points at the rear of the scooter as the sidepanel crash bars. The maximum payload is 2 x 10kg, or 5kg on one side. Recommended cases are the Monokey Cruiser Cases E21 or E22 by GIVI.

Following Cases can be mounted at the FEHLING Case Carrier:

  • Givi/Kappa (Monokey) (not Trekker Dolomiti)
  • Hepco & Becker Junior, Journey, Gobi and Explorer
  • SW-Motech Trax, Trax Evo und Aero

SIP - TIP: Why not complete the chrome-work with further chromed accessories, such as a headlight surround or decorative wings for the horncover. To guarantee an enduring shine and extended protective and decorative service do not forget to polish your crash bars with the suitable chrome care products.

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