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SIP Matscho Karatscho

The SIP MATSCHO KARATSCHO is a scooter cross race held on our very own race track, meticulously and lovingly constructed right at the doorstep of the SIP Scootershop headquarters in Landsberg. The 470-metre track boasts a range of thrilling features: a pendulum, water ditch, washboard, seesaw, jumps, tight turns, and a 180-degree steep curve. Matscho Karatscho #1 made its debut on 7th October 2022, and Matscho Karatscho #2 in July 2023 was met with great success. We've uploaded a detailed report and video, as well as a record of all times and results.

Whether there will be a Matscho Karatscho #3 remains to be seen. We have plans in place, but the future is always uncertain. We'll keep you updated here, so please check back occasionally. In the meantime, we wish you safe travels!