SIP Matscho Karatscho

The SIP MATSCHO KARATSCHO is a scooter cross race on our own, lovingly self-built race track, right on the doorstep of the SIP Scootershop headquarters in Landsberg. The 470-metre-long track has many highlights: pendulum, water ditch, washboard, seesaw, jumps, tight bends and a 180-degree steep bend. The Matscho Karatscho #1 celebrated its premiere on 07 October 2022, but it was more or less a test event, because we needed the riders' feedback. After the feedback was enthusiastic and positive, we took the logical decision to make the race a little bigger in 2023. Therefore, we invite all daredevils to the

MATSCHO KARATSCHO #2, 29 July 2023

As you have come to expect from us, there will of course be food and drink, music and colourful activities all around the race. In principle, anyone who is interested can register for the race and we have taken care to divide it into four classes so that the financial outlay remains within reasonable limits.

Class 1: Scooter Classic - "Large Frame" ≥ 125 ccm
(e.g. Vespa Largeframe, Lambretta 1-3 series LI/GP or Heinkel Tourist)

  • 10 inch wheels

  • Engine capacity from 125 ccm

  • Drive train swingarm in original position and construction¹

  • Fork and frame must fit/belong to each other and be of original construction²

Class 2: Classic - "Small Frame" ≤ 125 ccm
(e.g. Vespa Smallframe or Lambretta j-range)

  • 10 inch wheels

  • Displacement not limited³

  • Drive-set swingarm in original position and design¹

  • Fork and frame must fit/belong to each other and be of original construction²

Class 3: Run What Ya Brung
(if it is or was a scooter)

  • Here automatic scooters of different generations can duel with wild conversions. The basis must be a scooter.

  • Scooter frame

  • Max. 13 inch wheels

Class 4: Moped

  • The vehicle must have been delivered with a pedal drive and a max. maximum speed of 25 km/h

  • Frame and engine¹ must be from a vehicle of the same type

  • Tyres must correspond to the original dimensions

¹ Engine cases designed as original replacements are permitted.
² Forks of Piaggio automatic models with single-sided swingarm are permitted.
³ Engine in original condition not more than 125 cc

Start free!

Vehicle safety

  • Rear view mirrors must be removed

  • Sharp edges must be covered

  • Levers must have a ball at the end

  • Headlight, tail light and indicator lenses must be removed or taped to prevent splintering

  • Throttle grip and throttle slider must turn back automatically

  • Brakes and chassis must function properly

  • It must be possible to switch off the ignition from the outside

  • The ignition breaker must be accessible and marked

Operating materials / environment

  • It is important that no operating fluids leak or can leak from the vehicle

  • Oil, petrol and coolant leaks must be ensured

  • It is recommended that the oil drain plugs are mechanically secured by wire or other means

  • The tank must be firmly mounted on the vehicle

  • The fuel filler neck must be able to be closed tightly

  • The fuel lines must be secured with hose clamps or hose clips

  • If the petrol tap is manual, it must be marked (petrol/fuel: OFF)

  • The exhaust system must not show any leaks and must have a functioning, adequately dimensioned silencer

  • In the paddock, the vehicle must be parked on an oil- and fuel-tight surface

Driver safety

  • Drivers must wear a closed helmet (no jet helmets or braincaps)

  • Protective gloves are compulsory

  • Sturdy footwear covering the ankles is required

  • Protectors for knees, elbows, chest and back are mandatory


Friday, 28.07.2023

16-18 hrs: Technical scrutineering

Saturday, 29.07.2023

9-9:45 a.m.: Technical scrutineering

10-11 a.m.: Free practice

11:15 a.m.: Qualifying Class 1

11:30 a.m.: Qualifying Class 2

11:45 a.m.: Qualifying Class 3

12:00 hrs: Qualifying Class 4

12:30 hrs: Race 1 Class 1

12:50 hrs: Race 1 Class 2

13:10 hrs: Race 1 Class 3

13:30 hrs: Race 1 Class 4

13:50 hrs: Race 2 Class 1

14:10 hrs: Race 2 Class 2

14:30: Race 2 Class 3

14:50 hrs: Run 2 Class 4

15:30-16:30: Endurance Race


To register for the race, please purchase a registration for the respective class from our shop:

Maximum 15 participants per class.

Any questions? Write to: [email protected]

Entry fee

Entry fee: 55 Euro incl.

  • Participation in the race, one class each and Endurance run

  • "Matscho Karatscho" T-Shirt

  • 25 Euro voucher code for SIP Scootershop (min. order value 250 Euro, valid 12 weeks)

  • Voucher for 1x pizza and 1x drink in SIPERIA. Valid on Friday evening (28.7.23) and Saturday (29.7.23) until 4pm.

"Dirty Dinner" Saturday evening: 15 euros

  • 1x pasta or pizza + 2 drinks of your choice

  • Book here!

Preliminary list of participants



Class 1

Christoph Häussner

Vespa LF

Robert Straub

Vespa PX125

Markus Stein

Vespa PX

Nicolas Hunter

Vespa PX

Michael Zeitner

Vespa LF

Andy Bode

Vespa PX

Arnold Kastenhuber

Vespa XC 1

Florian Stefan

Dirk Becker

Max Sinnhuber

Vespa PX

Michael Berger

Vespa PX 80

Christian Lutz

Vespa PX

Class 2

Paul Sinnhuber

Vespa PK

Valentino Randazzo

Vespa PK

Thomas Haas

Vespa PK 50 XL

Claus Krüger

Vespa PK 50

Johannes Köhl

Class 3

Max Heigl

Marco Scholz

Class 4

Marc Breu

Puch X30

Mike Rothenbühler

Tomos A35 moped

Sebastian Krüger

Prima 5 S Moped Hercules

Valentin Mannel


Friday, 28.07.2023

Friday should be the arrival day for most riders. From 4-6pm we will open the technical scrutineering and registration. Our "Siperia" will stay open longer on this day. From 18:30 you can eat and drink there. Each rider will receive a voucher for a pizza and a drink (water, beer or soft drink) with the registration. This can be redeemed on Friday evening or on Saturday in the Siperia.

Saturday, 29.07.2023

We will open registration for latecomers in the morning before the circuit opens for free practice at 10am. During the event, the SIP flagship store and the "Siperia" will be open. In addition, plenty of food and drink will be provided with other stalls. The day on the SIP grounds will end with the award ceremony.

In the evening, riders and companions can meet for a "dirty dinner" at the "Trattoria Italiana" in Landsberg East. Here we will end the day on a relaxed note. We have come up with a special offer and ask you to book in advance with the registration forms so that we can reserve enough places.

Sunday, 30.07.2023

Sunday is departure day. Wake up, have breakfast and head home fit. If you have some time left, we recommend a hearty breakfast in the beautiful town centre of Landsberg. The morning can be particularly enjoyed at the Lech. E.g. in the "LIKKA" with a view of the weir or a little quieter in the "Herkomer Café" at the Mutterturm.



We offer the possibility of camping directly on site. Motorhomes and camping buses can be parked in the paddock, for tents there is a section on the meadow. On Friday and Saturday, during opening hours, the sanitary facilities in the SIP building can be used. After the race, the staff showers will be available for the riders. Around the clock "Dixi" toilets will be set up in the paddock. On Saturday breakfast can be taken in the "Siperia", only the food on Sunday morning has to be provided by each camper himself.

Overnight stay in a hotel

In Landsberg there are many accommodation options to choose from. We recommend the hotel "Vienna House Easy", because it is located in the direct vicinity of SIP and the race track. Apart from that, there are plenty of other hotels, inns and holiday flats in the Lechstadt. You can find the complete overview with booking options here.

Please note that the Matscho Karatscho 2023 takes place during the holiday season and Landsberg is a tourist attraction, so you should book your accommodation as early as possible.

Transfer city centre - SIP Scootershop

The SIP Scootershop building and the race venue are located in an industrial area. Fortunately, Landsberg is not very big and the distance to the small but very nice Landsberg city centre and old town with its hotels, restaurants and pubs is not far. The sober walk takes about 20 minutes. It is somewhat more comfortable to take a taxi, which can be reached by calling 08191 70101. During the day, bus line 30 connects the industrial area with Landsberg's old town.

"Dirty Dinner", Saturday evening

As the name suggests, we don't want to have a gala dinner with fine threads and unctuous speeches. But we would be happy to sit down with the riders and their teams on Saturday evening and talk about the race. After all, no race has been (almost) won as many times as it has been debriefed. Then, over a drink and good Italian food, everyone is a winner. The ideal place for this is the "Trattoria Italiana" (Münchener Str. 1, 86899 Landsberg am Lech) opposite the Bayertor, a Landsberg landmark.

We have a special offer for riders and supporters: for 15,- Euro you can buy a voucher for 1x pasta or pizza and 2 drinks. You can choose the pasta or pizza dish from the regular menu (not the menu of the day). You can find the menu here on pages 9 to 11. The drinks for which the voucher is valid can be found on pages 16 and 17. Of course, everyone can drink and consume whatever fits in their satchel in addition to the voucher.

The event starts at 8.30 pm at Münchner Straße 1. After the meal we can finish the evening with 2-3 more drinks or continue into the city centre (about two minutes' walk downhill).

We ask for pre-registration so that we can better estimate the space required. Riders can use the registration form to make a reservation. Mechanics, technicians, mental coaches or boyfriend/girlfriend please use the additional registration form that will be sent to the rider upon registration.