SIP PERFORMANCE 2.0 shock absorber

Created by Dietrich Limper at 10:11 on November 24, 2023

In this video, expert André gives you an overview of the SIP Performance Shock Absorber product family from SIP Scootershop. Shock Absorbers generally ensure that the wheel never loses contact with the road surface. This ensures a safe and comfortable ride. You can also watch the comparison videos to see the difference in the quality of the Shock Absorbers for classic and modern Vespa.

André with the Shock Absorbers from SIP Scootershop

More options

Almost all SIP Scootershop Shock Absorbers can be individually adjusted. You have the choice between "soft" and "hard" for the rebound and spring preload. Most original equipment parts do not offer these options.

Are they approved or not?

Most SIP shock absorbers from SIP Performance, which are available in different colours, have a KBA number. Only the Shock Absorbers for the Vespa PX with Subtank and for the Vespa Faro Basso do not have approval. The general operating licence (ABE) can be downloaded from our shop, which means that these models can be ridden without an entry in the vehicle documents.

Shock Absorber product family SIP Performance

  1. Vespa PX front & rear Shock Absorbers

  2. Vespa PX Shock Absorbers with Subtank

  3. Modern Vespa GTS front & rear

  4. Vespa 15 to Rally, plus Springs in various hardnesses and colours

  5. Suspension struts for Vespa Faro Basso

  6. Vespa50 and other variants for Vespa GS 160 and SS 180

  7. Lambretta front Shock Absorbers

  8. Replacement Parts: Brackets, Height Reducer Kit

Technical tips: Suspension adjustment.

In our blog "Vespa Shock Absorbers | Suspension Adjustment", Jesco explains in detail how to deal with Springs, Silencers and many other aspects of the suspension. The linked videos provide support and illustrate these topics. Highly recommended!

Video: SIP Performance Shock Absorber family

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