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Shock absorber for Vespa, Lambretta and others - at SIP Scootershop

Choosing the right shock absorber is just as important as choosing the right tyres. The shock absorber is the central element of the chassis and a safety-relevant component. If it is defective or if a shock absorber is used that is not appropriate for the driving style, this can lead to nasty surprises. Shock absorbers that are too soft can easily blow out or scare you in curves or at high speeds. We therefore recommend checking the shock absorber at regular intervals and using at least a sports shock absorber if tuning is carried out!

Which shock absorbers are available?

Our shock absorber range is divided into Standard, Sport and Race shock absorbers.

Standard shock absorbers are shock absorbers without any chassis improvement. They are pure replacement shock absorbers.

Sport shock absorbers are supplied with a harder spring and can usually be adjusted via the spring preload. They are ideal for touring and two-person use.

Race shock absorbers are the royal class of shock absorbers. They are called Race because, in addition to a harder shock absorber spring and adjustable spring preload, they also have rebound and in some cases compression damping with a wide range of adjustment options. The shock absorbers are not only a must on the racetrack and on more heavily tuned Vespas; frequent riders, touring pilots and fans of heavy loads also have fun with Vespa suspension.