SC Cup Nürburgring September 2021

Created by Jesco at 13:10 on October 18, 2021

The annual event for classic scooters at the Nürburgring has become a tradition. For well over ten years, at least once a year there has been an opportunity for Vespa and Lambretta riders to enjoy the unusual combination of Grand Prix circuit and scooter. On what is perhaps the most legendary race track in the world, every lap is and remains an unforgettable experience.

Yet the event was on the brink of cancellation in the Corona year 2020. First, all events at the Nürburgring were canceled. Later, a spontaneous opportunity arose to book a time slot on the Ring as part of the "Reinoldus Cup" of the Dortmund Motorsport Club. Thanks to the commitment of Stefan Menke, this event could even take place twice in 2021. There is probably no race track that I would rather go to a second time a year than the Nürburgring.

The additional offer was well received. With just under 50 starters, the field was well filled. Roughly equal numbers of automatic and manual scooters. Particularly pleasing was the increasing number of Lambretta racers, as these had all but disappeared from German racing events for years. In fact, this weekend almost half of the participating manual scooters were based on a Lambretta.

Best weather in the Eifel

Everyone would got four times on the track. Two free practice sessions, and one timed practice session and one race. This resulted in more than sufficient "track time" for all starters. The race starts with a classic flag start, but the goal is not to cross the finish line first, but to complete the laps in the most consistent times possible. So the trophies were awarded for the regularity classification. Nevertheless, many participants were happy if they could improve their personal lap times.

Quite untypical for the Eifel, the weather also played along this weekend. Contrary to the forecast, the entire race day remained dry. So an all-round successful race weekend.

Many thanks to the organizers, promoters, sponsors and riders. It was a pleasure. I hope very much that we can come again next year. Very gladly also again twice.


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