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Product image for 'Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower leftTitle'
Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower left for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3
Part no.: PV15276L
Including VAT Plus shipping
400g / Piece
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Product image for 'Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower leftTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower leftTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower leftTitle'
Product image for 'Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower leftTitle'

Repair Sheet legshield, front, lower left

for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3

  • l 285 mm
  • w 215 mm
  • oiled
  • bended
Grade C - low-priced repairs
One rating
Including VAT Plus shipping
400g / Piece

Product description

Regrettably, most older Vespas have collected a fair portion of dents and rust in their panels. This is not only ugly, but can also draw unnecessary attention from your local vehicle inspector or traffic policeman. In earlier years such damage had to be expensively repaired by specialists, but now we have a simpler solution in the form of complete body-panel replacements available from stock.


These replacement body-panels vary, according to model, in their width, the struts included, the openings for the operating cables and occasionally the size of the brake pedal opening. Certain smallframe body-panels come already equipped with the 'X' and 'K' reinforcement struts, which are firmly welded in position. The complete range of replacement body-panels possess a mounting crease for the legshield beading and are unpainted, but oiled. They are also available in various lengths, with some including the curve. These longer types allow repair to damage to the original frame work below the front mudguard area. The 70cm long type reaches halfway up the mudguard and the 90cm version to the lower edge of the horncover. Most of these floorboard replacement panels also possess brackets and channels for the routing of the control cables, although these detailed features are not present on the more economically priced items in the range.


Meanwhile, we can also offer two different variants of repair floor panels for the PX / T5. One for the models built between 1977-1979 (-> 100000) and one for models from 1979 until today. The difference is the shape and attachment of the lower strut, which was narrow and straight up to the year of construction 1979 and is wider from the year of construction 1979 until today and has an L-shape that is open at the ends so that water can drain off. Especially interesting for those who wants to repair their Vespa as original as possible. In addition, there is the version with pre-drilled holes for the rivets. The longer, premium repair floor panels have a round hole for the brake pedal until 1983, and a square cut-out from 1984.


We have high-quality floorboard panels produced by small Italian panel-beating workshops, marketed by (amongst others) CUPPINI and Bosatta. This variety of manufacturers helps avoid problems with inconsistent availability. The more economically produced replacement body-panels are not as precisely manufactured so their lengths and reinforcement strut arrangements can vary from the expected norm. This makes it essential to always check the compatibility of the new panel BEFORE it is welded in place, giving you a chance to modify and adapt the part preceding its permanent positioning. The premium version of these body-panel replacement parts is represented by the type that includes both the legshields and floorboards in one piece. This item simplifies the most major of body-panel repairs and also any evidence of previous attempts to unnecessarily 'individualise' the design of the scooter with an angle grinder or similar! Many hours of welding, grinding, hammering, sanding and filling can be saved by replacing the complete assembly, although to be fair, some are delivered without the reinforcement panels in place.


Our very own SIP replacement legshield and floorboard panels, available for the Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3 models, are now available produced using a thicker grade of steel sheet. It is now 1mm thick and also relatively quickly mounted. The version for the Vespa 50 Special still has the frame raised slightly on the front skirting, for the horncover, but is otherwise identical. Both repair-sheets are compatible with all common smallframe Vespas. Other replacement body parts and accessories now also available include the connecting bracket for the Vespa V 50 Special horncover and the rubber gasket for between the floorboards and the brake pedal. The opening for the brake pedal itself has also been enlarged on our panels, enabling the easy fitting of both the rounded and squared-off brake pedal types. We recommend to use always the whole legshield panel and not just parts form it because there a tolerances in the width due to the bends.


Notice : We also have the metal replacement horncovers available for all models of Vespa that had them fitted, along with many other types of replacement body and frame panels!


Conclusion : Cut out the old panels, weld in the new, fill, sand and paint and once again your scooter has been reborn!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order new floor runners and rubbers, legshield beading and a new horncover. A riveter and a beading applicator makes the whole job a lot easier and professional. The Vespa and PIAGGIO badge represent the icing on the (birthday) cake!

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PV15276L Reparaturblech Beinschild,

Blech Beinschild Wenn ich es nicht gebraucht hätte, hätte ich es zurück geschickt. Zu teuer für die Qualität.


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