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Flywheel Cover for Vespa 125 VN2T/ACMA/150 VB1T/VL1-3T/T1-3/VGL1T/GS

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Part no.: 75076010
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Flywheel Cover

for Vespa 125 VN2T/​ACMA/​150 VB1T/​VL1-3T/​T1-3/​VGL1T/​GS

  • stainless steel polished
  • with "Y"

In stock

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Including VAT Plus shipping
284g / Piece

Product description

The flywheel cover covers the rotating flywheel and thus prevents this from being damaged or damaging something itself. (The driver's leg for example). For the German TÜV standard, this is a fundamental part of a fully functional scooter. The waste heat which comes from the engine or the cylinder should be transported away by the passing air. This means that anyone who travels without flywheel covers runs the risk of overheating the engine. The worst case is that this will result in a piston jam / seizure. We offer flywheels for all standard small, wide and largeframe models.


Conclusion: A must for the TÜV standard and visually appealing. Essential for every scooter!


We also have a large number of various flywheel covers for wideframe and older largeframe models in stock. Depending on the design, these are black, silver or made from polished stainless steel. In contrast to the wide frame models V1-15 & V30-33 which are equipped with a side panel with section and a flywheel cover which is visible from the outside with slots, the VM/VM models have a closed side panel with slots. The flywheel cover which is located below it has a rounded mid section. While the covers of the Vespa 125 VN2T/ACMA/150 VB1T/VL1-3T/T1-3/VGL1T/GS are produced in a typical Y-cut finish, the covers from the 1960 largeframe models have a large, round mid section with the typical individual bar below. For the more recent largeframe models (PX/T5/COSA), we are also able to offer a number of flywheel covers in chrome, black, transparent, polished stainless steel and in carbon look.


SIP TIP: Matching colour suspension arm cover and selection box cover finish off the look perfectly.


user ‚devis‘ (über PART No 75072000):

“ottimo, ottimo“



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