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Choke Button SMARTCARB
Part no.: 618454SC
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20g / Piece
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Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle'
Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle'
Product image for 'Choke Button SMARTCARBTitle'

Choke Button SMARTCARB

for SmartCarb carburettor
  • l 58 mm

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Including VAT Plus shipping
20g / Piece

Product description

Carburettors without jets, especially fine fuel/air mix spray and automatic ambient pressure compensation.


A carburettor that comes from the USA, along with the promise to revolutionise the preparation of fuel/air mix for two-stroke motors. Great things are possible, according to the producer SMART CARB, when their new carburettor type is used:

  • 10% performance increase
  • 30% increased fuel efficiency
  • 50% reduction in exhaust gas emissions
  • automatic altitude/air pressure compensation up to 20,000ft above sea level.

In order to realise these impressive claims these carburettors are equipped with features that distinct them from types produced by other manufacturers:

  1. Adjustment without carburettor jets
  2. Especially efficient atomisation
  3. Automatic ambient air pressure compensation.

This carburettor type has the fuel/air spray adjusted with a 'click' system, which alters the position of the carburettor needle. This allows tool-free adjustment in a matter of seconds!

Now the improved SC2 Version available.


Smart carburettor tuning

SmartCarbs setup changes can be done within seconds, without tools; the position of the needle is altered with a “click” arrangement. To make sure this works on all types of engines the carbs come pre-set. We sent SmartCarb the details of the engines the carburettors are being used on, and they worked out a base setting that covers a wide range of possible applications. They fit all two-stroke engines and do not require any fuel other than pump fuel. The carburettors are now only available in the improved SC2 version.


Conclusion: An innovative carburettor which is meant to make injection superfluous.


Don’t forget - our SIP-TIP!

  • Include suitable rubber mount in your order, e.g. for SIP BFA inlet manifold art.-no. 4041000
  • Don’t forget a new fuel line e.g. art.-no. 4130000 and throttle cable e.g. art.-no. 62042000

Which carburettor do I need?

cilinder from maximum power betweenpower from
25mm75 up to 225 cc5500 and 9000 rpm12 up to 25 hp
28mm 125 up to 250 cc6000 and 9000 rpm20 up to 30 hp
36mm125 up to 350 cc7000 and 12000 rpm30 up to 50 hp
38mm125 up to 350 cc7000 and 12500 rpm30 up to 60 hp
38mm125 up to 350 cc8000 and 13000 rpm30 up to 60+ hp


Jan H., SIP customer, 2019:
"(...) neither nozzles, needle sets, no slide valves ... just mount it and go! plus a more agile, much smoother engine run."


Henry Mouries, Scooter Club du Sud Est, France, 09/20:

"It is an amazing carb. I can go back fome from Corsica with my BFA 306and a broken connecting rubber and my candle is perfect. The carb regualte too much air."

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Questions & answers

Let us and the community help you! You can ask your questions about the product here.


File name File type Description File size
Legacy_SmartCarb_Float_Level_Tutorial_v2 Legacy_SmartCarb_Float_Level_Tutorial_v2.pdf 1,14 MB Download
SmartCarb_Tuning_Mini-Guide_v2 SmartCarb_Tuning_Mini-Guide_v2.pdf 2,69 MB Download
The-Unofficial-Smartcarb-Tuning-Guide-Version-3.00 The-Unofficial-Smartcarb-Tuning-Guide-Version-3.00.pdf 0,58 MB Download
SC2_SmartCarb_Float_Level_Tutorial_v2 SC2_SmartCarb_Float_Level_Tutorial_v2.pdf 1,10 MB Download
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