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Half-shell helmets - at SIP Scootershop

For freedom lovers and soldiers of fortune

Opinions are divided on these helmets and even the legislator is not sure how to deal with them. They are not forbidden, but they are not explicitly allowed either. You are probably at the whim of the protection officer if you are stopped wearing such a "braincap". But they just go with a chopper or classic scooter, even if the protection is limited in the extreme. A half-shell helmet probably makes the most sense as a second helmet for Sunday rides. For longer tours or even trips on the motorway, these half-shell helmets are of course hardly suitable, because the safety is simply too low. A full-face or flip-up helmet is probably the better choice.

Of course, half-shell helmets can also be combined with motorbike goggles or a visor. They experienced a real boom in the 1960s, fuelled not least by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, as the film "Easy Rider" quickly achieved cult status. Since then, this braincap has been a must-have for many chopper riders and the quality of these helmets has improved greatly today. Especially the back of the head, but also the side parts are better protected than a few years ago. Therefore, it can definitely be worn for a quick trip to the bakery around the corner. Riders of scooters, mopeds and mopeds are particularly pleased with this lightweight model. The half-shell helmet is also often seen on rides with vintage scooters and motorbikes. When wearing this helmet, you always have to choose well: Safety or eye-catcher. Responsible use is highly recommended on our part.

We rely on this brand for half-shell helmets


The half-shell helmets from Redbike impress with interesting designs and an attractive price-performance ratio. They are made of fibreglass and comfortable to wear thanks to a pleasant inner material. The practical ratchet closure is easy to open and close even when wearing gloves. The Redbike RB 500 "UK style" with the Union Jack as an eye-catcher is particularly popular. Find out more here.


What size should my half-shell helmet be?

The best way to measure the circumference of the head is with a tape measure. Place the tape measure about one centimetre above the eyebrows and then bring it together again at the back of the head. Compare the result with this table to find out exactly what size half-shell helmet you need for men and women. People who wear glasses measure the circumference in the same way, but choose the size so that the glasses do not press against the helmet.


Head circumference









Helmet size










Head circumference





Helmet size





Rules of thumb for buying a half-shell helmet

  • The selected half-shell helmet should be worn for ten to 15 minutes to check comfort.

  • The half-shell helmet should fit snugly and not slip down the neck.

  • The head should have no slack in the half-shell helmet, i.e. when you turn the helmet, the head should "go" with it.

  • The straps of the fastener should not press against the neck but against the chin.

  • When the chin strap is closed, the half-shell helmet should not fall into the face.

  • If the goggles press in the helmet, another model should be chosen.

  • The cheek pads can be a little tighter at the beginning, because they will give way by one or two millimetres over time. The forehead pads, on the other hand, are thinner and do not do this.

You can find more information about material, care and more here.