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Rainwear - at SIP Scootershop

At some point it will rain again in our latitudes and at some point it will also hit you when you are out and about on your scooter or motorbike. But for such unpleasant moments, we have clothing in our range that offers protection and above all safety in bad weather. It's not just the rain that will get you down, but also poor visibility and other road users that will make the situation worse. However, manufacturers are nowadays prepared for these adversities and offer intelligent solutions.

What material is rainwear made of?

Rainwear is made of 100 percent polyamide. This is a synthetic fibre made from carbon atoms. The fabric has special properties that make it predestined for protection against wet, wind and cold: easy-care, non-absorbent, tear- and abrasion-resistant, quick-drying, light, soft and dimensionally stable. And of course polyamide is waterproof and breathable. The latter property in particular prevents you from sweating under your rain suit.

What about safety and protection when it comes to rain gear?

As a rule, rainwear is worn over your normal protective clothing. Therefore, when buying rainwear, make sure it is one or two sizes larger. It's best to try the clothes on first, which you can do in our SIP Scootershop Flagshipstore you can do so. For added safety, reflectors and bright colours are often incorporated into the rainwear so that you can be seen better in poor visibility.

In the following we will introduce you to different clothing for wet conditions:

Rain suit

The classic rainwear. Offers protection for the whole body in windy and wet conditions. The products are worn over the actual protective clothing. Even in a heavy downpour, the suit keeps you completely dry. If the sun shines again, the suit dries quickly and can be stored in a very small and practical compression bag. Thanks to the extremely small pack size, the suit can actually always be packed away and used as needed.

Rain set

A two-piece set consisting of jacket and trousers. The seams and collar are taped, and the reflective inserts on the sleeves of the jacket and on the trousers increase safety in poor visibility. Good jackets have inside and outside pockets, elastic closures and are windproof at the wrist. The sleeves should be adjustable so that they do not flap. The rain kit can be stowed in a double compartment.

Rain jacket

This also applies to the rain jacket. When folded, the jacket literally fits in the palm of your hand, although it can even be used with a hood. Again, the seams are sealed, and with a drawstring you can adjust it to fit your figure perfectly. This jacket also looks good in any backpack on a hike.

Rain trousers

Of course, a single pair of trousers should also be waterproof and breathable. The trousers must be bought at least one size larger so that they can be pulled over your jeans or leather trousers. Many models have a zip that opens all the way to the calf so that you can quickly put them on and take them off. Both the jacket and the trousers are also available in sizes for kids.


You can wear this coat casually even when you're not on your scooter, because it looks stylish and casual. It has a full-length zip, taped seams, an inside pocket and packs down to its very small size. A real all-rounder that looks good on and off the Vespa.

Rain overshoes

These helpers are worth their weight in gold, especially on longer rides through wet weather. They have a practical zip for easy handling and the sealed seams ensure absolute dryness. Packed together, they weigh just 350 grams.

Rain gloves

Just like the overshoes, these gloves are usually used on longer tours when the constant rain is pouring down. They can be pulled over the protective gloves and can be adjusted elastically at the wrist. With these gloves on, you can still operate the touchscreen of your smartphone.

Rain waistcoat

This piece of clothing can be put on very quickly and its bright colour has an enormous signalling effect. The waistcoat should perhaps be bought two sizes larger, because it is always worn over the actual protective clothing. It can be folded up to a very small size so that it can actually always be taken along.


OK, OK, they're of very little use to you on the scooter, but as soon as you're on foot, a nice umbrella from SIP or Malossi is not only useful but also an eye-catcher.

Conclusion: With our clothing, riding your Vespa can still be fun even in lousy conditions.