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PIRELLI - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

PIRELLI - Power is nothing without control. PIRELLI is an Italian manufacturer that has been developing scooter tyres for decades in close cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers. Consequently, the products are excellent in terms of driving dynamics, wet traction and safety. PIRELLI offers a complete range of scooter tyres, from vintage tyres to radial tyres for the most modern sport scooters. And finally, Pirelli also embodies the distinctive Italian attitude of the country where the scooter was invented.

  • High-tech tyres you can always rely on

  • Wide range

  • Extreme flexibility and versatility

  • Made in Italy

PIRELLI - An Italian success story

In 1870 and 1871, Giovanni Battista Pirelli travelled to Switzerland and Germany. The Italian engineer and freedom fighter studied the production techniques of the rubber industry and used this knowledge to establish the PIRELLI rubber products factory in Milan in 1872. With 35 employees, Giovanni Battista Pirelli initially entered the business with cables and wires, including for telegraphs and telephones. PIRELLI began producing pneumatic bicycle tires in 1890 and began supplying the burgeoning Italian automobile industry with pneumatic tires in 1901.

The company grew rapidly and opened several factories abroad in the early 20th century. It was also at this time that PIRELLI's involvement in motorsport began and to this day the brand is closely associated with success in various sectors: rallying, motocross, superbike and of course as a supplier of tyres for Formula 1.

PIRELLI was the first Italian company to be listed on the US stock exchange in 1929. In 1963, the PIRELLI Group acquired a majority stake in Veith Gummiwerke GmbH and PIRELLI Deutschland GmbH was born. The German subsidiary now also manufactured motorcycle tyres for the high and ultra-high performance sector. As if that were not enough, PIRELLI acquired the German company Metzeler Kautschuk GmbH in 1986. Due to Metzeler's successful production of motorcycle tyres, PIRELLI's competitiveness in this sector increased significantly.

Today, PIRELLI has 22 production plants in twelve countries and employs some 38 000 people. The leading tyre manufacturer has a sales presence in more than 160 countries. A company that has made history with its creativity, performance and innovative ideas, as well as with its design, and today is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. For some years now, PIRELLI has been focusing on sustainability, reducing emissions, protecting the environment and developing human capital. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranks PIRELLI as a global leader.

PIRELLI - innovations and records

»A classic, thoroughbred tyre from Italy! That's reason enough to buy this tire. Pure tradition.«
–Nico Gnisci, 7 times DBM champion

Moto Club Benelli broke no less than six world speed records in October 2017 on PIRELLI's Diablo Rosso scooter at Salt Lake near Bonneville, USA. Mounted on a specially prepared Benelli 491 scooter, the sport scooter tyres were prepared by Bologna-based tuning specialists Malossi, who prepared the scooter's 50, 85 and 100 cc engines.

Engineer Fabio Fazi led Malossi-Benelli to two records in the 50cc class. He reached a speed of 114.823 km/h in the flying kilometre and 114.737 km/h in the flying mile. These are averages from two runs in both directions.

»SIP is one of Europe's leading scooter parts distributors, with extensive technical expertise and excellent delivery service.«
–Klaus Thönig, PIRELLI Germany

The new speed records confirm the sporty character of the new PIRELLI Diablo Rosso Scooter. In the salt crust of the dried lake, the tyres worked perfectly even at high speeds.

The Italian manufacturer has been working for decades in close collaboration with leading vehicle manufacturers to develop scooter tyres. After some time, the motorcycle and scooter tire business went so well that the PIRELLI SC30 tire was used as original equipment on many small and large frame Vespa models for a while. Vespa LX, LXV, S and GTS models were also fitted with PIRELLI tyres.

The legendary tyres from Italy are also highly sought after for their exceptional agility and flexibility. They are suitable for a variety of weather, temperatures and road conditions. With numerous certifications, such as "Motorcycle Test Winner" and "PS Test Winner", as well as many other recommendations, PIRELLI constantly and repeatedly proves that its tyres are among the best in the world thanks to their high quality and constantly new innovations.

The most popular PIRELLI tyres at SIP Scootershop.

SIP and PIRELLI have been working together since 1996, when the SL 26 was added to the range. Since then, the range of PIRELLI tyres has been continuously expanded and extended.

The SC30, for example, like the Evo 22, offers excellent water displacement and high dynamic control even in wet conditions thanks to the special tread pattern with central groove. It has a classic low-profile tread and a hard frame.

The Diablo Rosso scooter has excellent traction and is ideal for scooter riders with a sporty riding style. Experience from all classes of two-wheelers as well as state-of-the-art materials have contributed to the development of this tyre and led to great success in the sporting sector. The trade magazine SCOOTER & Sport judged the Diablo Rosso Scooter in February 2020: 'For years, an all-round talent with no real weaknesses. Tyres are a good choice for everyone."

Popular tyres from PIRELLI in our range are:

  • SC 30 - Optimized construction for greater stability on any road surface.

  • Angel Scooter - Excellent riding comfort in various road conditions.

  • Diablo Rosso Scooter - Excellent traction on dry and wet roads.

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