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Tyre PIRELLI SC 30 3.00-10 42J TT front or rear
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Tyre PIRELLI SC 30 3.00-10 42J TT

front or rear

  • profile: classic
  • Ø 10"
  • with e-pass
Tyre Classic
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
8 ratings
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1,74kg / Piece

Product description

Some models of Vespa were equipped with this 10-inch tyre from Pirelli ex-works. The SC 30 has established itself quickly since its market launch.


The SC 30 tyre manufactured by the Italian company PIRELLI convinces many riders of classic and modern scooters with its performance both around town and on the open road. And at SIP Scootershop we know why.

  • Good water displacement
  • Resilience
  • Long durability

The deep centre groove of the SC 30 is why this tyre is able to part the rain film on the road in the same way as Moses once parted the Red Sea. This ensures increased safety in wet conditions, and enables sporty riding. A first rate performance is guaranteed. The highly resistant, stiff nylon carcass with a low profile enhances the resistance to chafing and punctures. Even under the maximum load of the moped or scooter, the optimised design of the SC 30 ensures high stability on any road surface.


Conclusion: Whether it’s a classic scooter or a modern scooter – with the SC 30 scooter riders get a tyre that convinces under a variety of conditions.

Technical details

  • 10 inch
  • 3.00 to 3.50 width
  • TT
  • Speed index J

We recommend for this 10-inch tyre- SIP-TIP:

  • A tube is needed for this tyre
  • Improve the look with a spare wheel cover
  • And we advise these rims

Feedback from our customers

»Sticks like glue.«

–schaltmetall, SIP Community


»Good tyre with good lateral grip and good directional stability. I am very surprised that it performs so well, even when I am a sporty driver. Can't judge the performance in the rain because I've only ridden in the dry so far.«

-PK50XL69, SIP Community

EAN Number: 8019227040197

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