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NISA - Bench seats at SIP Scootershop

NISA - Commitment, Passion and Seriousness. This is what the third generation of the Italian family business stands for. The small factory is located in Forli on the time-honoured Via Emilia, between Bologna and Rimini, and has been manufacturing seats for classic scooters and motorbikes, but also for modern two-wheelers, since 1953.

  • Made in Italy

  • Tradition since 1953

  • Original equipment manufacturer of Malaguti

  • High quality products

NISA - An eventful history

In the post-war period, Italy experienced a real boom in mopeds, scooters and motorbikes. Among others, Ducati, Morini and Malaguti became established on the Via Emilia. Most of these companies had their seats produced outside the country and one of these suppliers was the "Nuova Industrie Selle Affini" or NISA for short.

Giulietto Fabiani founded the company in 1953 and led it continuously to growth and success. A few years later, almost all Morini and Malaguti bicycles left the factory with NISA seats. The company also established itself in the accessories market. Many two-wheeler riders first bought a seat from NISA before deciding on a motorised vehicle.

In 1980, founder Giulietto suddenly found himself without his two partners and he involved his son Enzo in the business. But in the 90s, manufacturers from Asia entered the European market. In the first year, Kymco sold 40,000 scooters, while Malaguti sold 400,000. NISA produced 1,000 seats a day. A few years later, the figures had turned into the opposite and Malaguti closed its doors.

Thirty years later, NISA was finally at a crossroads, because Enzo Fabiani died unexpectedly and the children Enrico and Giulia, active in completely different industries, had to make a decision: should they close the traditional house with 40 employees or hang up their own careers and enter the business with seats? Well, today we know what their decision was in 2010 ...

NISA - Successful in the 21st century

Currently, there are seven other employees working alongside the two siblings. More than half of their business consists of seats, which they supply for the Beta and Benelli brands as original equipment manufacturers. NISA moves with the times and has now also gained a foothold in the e-scooter market. And the legendary Italjet Dragster was also recently presented with a seat bench from NISA.

The second most important business segment is the accessories market. NISA is constantly expanding its range and enters into cooperations with well-known brands such as PLC Corse and Tutto Lambretta. Today, NISA not only produces its own legendary Camel seat, but even the famous Vespa Yankee seat bench of its former competitor Guiliari under licence. In addition, the seats for the Vespa GTS are perennial favourites at NISA.

The smallest and most difficult market is that for custom seats with their very special requirements. Here, however, NISA can rely on the great experience of its long-standing employees and lead the company competitively into the future.

NISA - Popular products at SIP Scootershop

Benches and other accessories from the past and for the modern age. It was simply good fun to browse through the NISA range at SIP Scootershop. There are classics and new developments to marvel at. Whatever look you want for your classic or modern scooter - NISA provides ideas and inspiration.

A small selection from the NISA range at SIP Scootershop: