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METZELER - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

METZELER - Under the sign of the elephant. Since 1892, tyre manufacturer METZELER has lived an authentic passion for two-wheelers of all kinds. Most of the employees are motorbike or scooter riders themselves and know exactly the needs, expectations and demands of their customers. METZELER stands for quality and performance.

  • Safety and reliability

  • For demanding scooter riders

  • Innovative tread patterns

  • Constant technical development

METZELER history - from haberdashery to high-end tyres

In 1863, Robert Friedrich Metzeler founded his first shop in Munich. He traded in rubber goods, including surgical items, toys, shoes and much more. In 1871 Metzeler received permission to set up a rubber goods factory and three years later he was allowed to adorn himself with the title "Königlich Bayerischer Hoffabrikant für Gummi- und Guttaperchawaren". In 1881 the METZELER oHG was founded, but it was another eleven years before Robert Friedrich Metzeler registered his first patent for a tyre in 1892: "Rubber tyres with arched cross-section for bicycles and the like". Production begins a year later.

In 1901 the general partnership becomes a public limited company. From 1933 it is called "METZELER Gummiwerke AG" and from 1965 onwards simply "METZELER AG". However, this company only exists until 1974, when it is divided into three divisions, one of which is "METZELER Kautschuk AG", based in Munich. In 1978, tyre production is moved from the Bavarian capital to Breuberg in the Odenwald. In 1986 the biggest break so far follows: METZELER Kautschuk AG is taken over by the Pirelli Group and since then has been travelling on a more level road in business terms. Finally, METZELER can return to its core competence: The manufacture of high-quality tyres.


"SIP is one of the best dealers for scooter accessories in Europe."

–Marlene Schenk, Trade & Retail Marketing Manager Moto

METZELER - Records and an elephant

The successes in motor racing began at the end of the 1920s and are closely linked with the name Ernst Henne. The racing driver set many records with two and four wheels between 1929 and 1937. 59 of them with METZELER tyres. The excellent tyres of the German tyre manufacturer also ensured countless successes in the following decades. Be it at the race on the Isle of Man or other circuits. Whether supermoto, endurance or enduro - METZELER tyres are and were often a guarantee for places at the top of the podium.

A truly legendary story also revolves around the elephant that can be seen in the manufacturer's logo. It was 1906 at the International Motor Show in Berlin: an elephant in the flesh tried hard and tirelessly to trample METZELER's tyres. Of course, the pachyderm failed and the quality of the products had been convincingly demonstrated. But it would take until 1951 before the elephant was registered as a figurative mark in the trademark register. Even today, the blue rubber elephants distributed by METZELER as promotional gifts are coveted collector's items.

The most popular METZELER tyres at SIP Scootershop

The example of the FeelFree tyre often bought at SIP Scootershop illustrates the care and meticulousness that goes into the development of a METZELER tyre: The tread design makes use of the cumulative experience that went into the development of the sport-touring motorbike tyres. The shape and cut of the front and rear tyres were chosen in such a way that tread block distribution increases performance even in the wet. Thanks to effective water displacement under the contact area, rider confidence is improved in difficult conditions.

Easy handling and a comfortable ride are made possible by the reduced mass and weight. The compound not only brings maximum safety in all weather conditions, but also leads to more precision in cornering and higher braking stability. And pleasing side effects also include even wear and excellent mileage.

The end result of this development is a sport-touring tyre for high-performance scooters that meets the highest demands for performance and safety.

The most popular METZELER tyres in our range are:

  • ME 1 - Resistant and flexible nylon structure.

  • Roadtec - Ride comfort and high mileage.

  • ME 7 TEEN - Sporty tyre for smaller displacement classes.

Conclusion: The Metzeler tyres are specially developed for scooter riders. They are characterised by excellent driving dynamics both in dry and wet conditions.

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