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LS2 Helmets - at SIP Scootershop

LS2 Helmets - Always Ahead! What was started in 1990 by Arthur Liao in 200 sqm in China has now become LS2 Helmets. With a worldwide distribution network that has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Helmets - not only for scooter riders.

  • High investment in research & development

  • Many children's helmets available

  • Family business with tradition

  • Good price-performance ratio

LS2 Helmets - A family business conquers the world

With the equivalent of 350 euros and one employee, Arthur Liao began manufacturing helmets under the "Fengxing" label. Soon 100 people had to be hired and the first own factory opened its doors. The helmets became popular in the Chinese market and after Arthur's brother Paul joined the company, they changed the name to "MHR" and by 2005 over 1,000 people were working in production.

The year 2007 was groundbreaking for the company, as the world market was to be conquered under the label LIAO'S SYSTEM 2 (LS2). A sales office was opened in Barcelona and the first LS2 helmets were on display at the EICMA in Milan, Italy. In 2010, a warehouse was opened in Chicago, USA, to serve the Canadian and American markets. Today, LS2 is one of the leading global brands and has expanded its range to include jackets and gloves.

LS2 Helmets - High Tech & Low Tech

The helmets are still made in China and both robots and manual labour are used. A crazy mixture, but after all, around 8,000 helmets come off the production line every day. The R&D department is also located in China, where technicians, engineers and designers work with the best materials. The result was a carbon helmet with a double visor. The rise of LS2 is likely to continue unabated, because the acceptance of helmets from China is growing steadily.

LS2 Helmets at SIP Scootershop

We are particularly fond of the flip-up helmets with visor from LS2, because they are incredibly practical: they provide good ventilation when needed and are very safe when you're riding fast. And the children's helmets from LS2 have also grown on us because of their fun designs.

Some recommendations of LS2 products at SIP Scootershop: