IRC Tire - Winter tyres at SIP Scootershop

IRC - According to its own statement, IRC Tire pursues a very simple mission: The Japanese manufacturer strives for excellent product development and the best support for the customer. In the scooter scene, IRC Tire became known and popular with a very special tyre.

  • Great experience with winter tyres

  • Special sipe technology

  • Constant development

  • Excellent customer service

IRC Tyres - From bicycles to motorbikes

The first tyres and inner tubes for bicycles were manufactured by the Inoue Rubber Company (IRC) in Nagoya, Japan, in 1926. Initially, only the domestic market was supplied, but it was not until 1934 that IRC entered the export business. After the Second World War, motorisation progressed worldwide and IRC began producing tyres for motorbikes. In 1959, IRC expanded to Sri Lanka and since 1966 the company has had an office in New York, USA.

Over the following years, additional production facilities were established in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In 1981, IRC entered the mountain bike tyre business. IRC made a name for itself in the scene because they were one of the first manufacturers to ever bring winter tyres for scooters onto the market.

Around 2009, IRC winter tyres experienced a real boom in Germany and were also sold at SIP Scootershop at an above-average rate.

»IRC's winter tyre is truly unique thanks to its true siped tread pattern.«

-Nico Gnisci, 7-time DBM Champion

IRC tyres at SIP Scootershop

The Urban Snow "Evo" winter tyre continues to enjoy great popularity and can almost be described as a classic. With this robust tyre, the experience of the Japanese pays off, because they started very early to address the topic of "winter and scooters" in product development. Their role as early adopters should pay off especially with this tyre.

The most popular IRC tyre in our range:

Conclusion: With its special sipe technology, IRC delivers an absolutely reliable tyre for driving in slush, snow and ice.

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