Vespa workshop portrait: TollerRoller

Created by Jesco at 15:09 on September 28, 2021

For around 15 years, Tom and Erik have been making the hearts of Vespa fans beat faster with their "Toller Roller" workshop. The two scooter specialists offer in their lovingly furnished premises - decorated with Vespa advertising boards and many devotional objects - all kinds of services around the Vespa vehicle. From restoration to the procurement and installation of spare parts and tuning accessories to paint jobs, they offer Vespa lovers and their scooters a complete all-round service and help and advice.

Founded in 2005 by Tom and Erik, the workshop "Toller Roller" was born out of personal passion for scooters. This allowed the two to restore and gradually expand their Vespa collection themselves. Over the years, it also developed into a professional hotspot for customers. In the process, the two scooter fans complement each other ideally: while Tom guarantees the quality of the vehicles with his many years of experience in technical professions, Erik ensures fresh design and new ideas. Under the motto "as true to the original as possible", each gem is restored and refurbished with great attention to detail. For example, the two painstakingly remove overpaint layer by layer until the original is revealed again.

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