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Created by Dietrich Limper at 08:12 on December 22, 2023

There's some fascinating news from our friends at Roller Butchery: Butcher Garage. Around two years ago, in December 2021, they surprised us with a Vespa scrambler "ESC" specially converted for SIP Scootershop, which is not only an eye-catcher in our flagship store in Landsberg, but has also been used on our cross track at Matscho Karatscho. In the meantime, the guys have moved to Belgrade in Serbia and continue to dedicate themselves to the spectacular conversion of various two-wheelers. Here they present a Vyatka Elektron, which was produced in the USSR at the time. It is one of the last projects realised by Butcher Garage in their old home of St. Petersburg, Russia. Alex writes:

Symmetry is overrated

Since 1973, the Vyatka Electron has been produced at the Vyatko-Polyansky Machine-Building Plant in the Soviet Union. I must honestly say that our workshop has never worked with a "dispenser" of such low quality before. It seems as if the manufacturing plant had followed the principle that "symmetry is a sign of limitation". The asymmetry of the scooter everywhere presented us with considerable challenges when it came to correcting and adjusting it.

Three men, one vyatka
Asymmetrical interior views

The front Sign was narrowed and lowered, and the rear part of the bodywork was modified to accommodate the wheel movement. To fit the Vespa steering bearings, we integrated the steering recess of the Vespa PX body into the bodywork, completely redesigned the front fork and lowered the lower part by 80 mm. We used two YSS Shock Absorbers from a Vespa Smallframe mounted on custom-made polyurethane silent blocks. To control the power of the almost 40hp Engine, an aluminium front wheel hub was designed and manufactured to accept two Galfer Brake Discs with two high performance SIP calipers. The arrangement of the Engine with the rear-mounted wheel, reminiscent of drag racing vehicles, was the customer's request. To install the Engine, we fabricated a new Frame, Fitting to the front part of the body like the original. Radiators were installed on both sides near the Air Inlet Grilles of the body, equipped with a Ventilator for additional cooling.

The exhaust system

Cyberpunk 2077 sends its regards

The entire electrical system was created from scratch: Electronic SIP Speedometer, modern control buttons on the Handlebar (we used a prefabricated solution with adjustable settings), LED lighting. In all other aspects, we have tried to preserve the original Soviet design of the scooter. A Honda RS125 Piston was installed in the Piaggio BigBlock Engine, which was connected to the crankcase via a Distance Piece, together with a custom-made Crankshaft for this project. The exhaust system was also adapted to the Engine by the SOLO specialists (we only had to change the silencer mounting, which was originally intended for the "drag-racing" version). The Intake Tract and gearbox were also extensively tuned (partly with components from Malossi). The design of the scooter was about creating a technically finished project without paint work, but we are providing paint support (the customer is a fan of the Game Cyberpunk 2077, and we are currently working on recreating the "Porsche Johnny Silverhand" colour scheme) and other remote support from our new location in Belgrade. We also plan to replace the rims with modified Pinasco two-component tubeless rims with a new machined rear hub. Although the project is not in our usual perfect condition, our friend @a.dymov has done everything to make it look presentable in photos, even in its "raw" state.

Photo gallery Vyatka Electron

Custom Vyatka Scooter by Butcher Garage
Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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