Catalogue for Vespa Wideframe models

Created by Stephan Hufschmid at 17:01 on January 15, 2019

The 2019 SIP catalogue for Vespa Wideframe models is now available.

Wideframe tuning is certainly becoming more and more popular. Most of the time, the old ladies with the charismatic tubular handlebars slumber in the garage as collector's items or are only used for a short ride. There is too little confidence in the old engines, especially for longer rides. Moreover, with 2-3 hp engine power, they are simply underpowered for today's road traffic. To remedy this, a small scene of resourceful tinkerers and hobbyists has sprung up around the "Faro Basso" in recent years. The overflow and timing of the original cylinders have been optimised, pistons have been replaced, various types of carburettors have been installed, etc.

An extremely high-quality polished connecting rod is installed in the "SIP Performance" shafts. Polishing refines the surface. This means that it is compressed and has a more stable structure, which makes the connecting rod more resistant. In addition, the polished surface ensures less turbulence. The polished connecting rods are even more weight-optimised. Their lateral contour is more streamlined and they have been reworked in the area of the lower bearing for even better cooling of the connecting rod bearing.

Sheet metal parts from CARLUCCI, Made in Italy
"Sandro Carlucci is a Vespa mechanic with heart and soul and specialised in the production of sheet metal parts for the Vespa many years ago. His floor panels, beading, etc.... are really made 1:1 and are in a class of their own better than all the Asian goods. Over the years, when I have needed a replacement sheet metal for one of my old vehicles, it has always been one of his. From my point of view, the parts are without competition in terms of quality."

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Stephan Hufschmid
Stephan Hufschmid

Stephan Hufschmid has been part of SIP Scootershop since 2001. As sales manager, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of our sales channels. In addition, he is in charge of parts of the quality and complaint management as well as the MALOSSI Germany brand management. His passion are Vespa smallframe models. But also nostalgic "plastic bombers" like ZIP, NRG or Aerox are not necessarily unpopular models with him. His current vehicle is a Vespa GTS 300, of course with Malossi engine upgrade and SIP styling parts: Performance & Style.