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Product Image for 'Wind Shield CUPPINITitle'
Wind Shield CUPPINI
for Vespa ET2/​ET4 50-150ccm
Product No.: JCUP2334
Plus shipping
3,78kg / Piece
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Product Image for 'Wind Shield CUPPINITitle'
Product Image for 'Wind Shield CUPPINITitle'
Product Image for 'Wind Shield CUPPINITitle'
Product Image for 'Wind Shield CUPPINITitle'

Wind Shield CUPPINI

for Vespa ET2/​ET4 50-150ccm
  • full-sized
  • h 590 mm
  • w 700 mm
  • transparent
  • incl. mounting material

Product description

For many Vespisti, the feeling of fresh air in your face while riding is what makes scootering special. For all-season riders however, a flyscreen or windshield becomes an essential extra. According to their overall height, they protect the rider and their clothing from wind and weather and also provide more efficient aerodynamics. We have flyscreens and windshields available produced by FACO, ERMAX, SIP Style, PIAGGIO, MALOSSI, CUPPINI and ISOTTA. The majority of these items are manufactured using a 4mm thick, scratch and impact resistant, transparent acrylic material.

A medium-sized Windshield (Max height 420mm) provides effective protection from wind and weather for the upper body of the rider and according to manufacturer (ISOTTA & PIAGGIO) and design, also the hands. One of the most positive effects that a medium-sized Windshield brings are the much improved aerodynamics for the rider which lead to less wind-noise and turbulence at head-level and also a slightly higher top-speed!


A full-sized Windshield (Min height 530mm) defends the whole of the upper body, head and hands against the effects of the cold, snow, rain, road-dirt and traffic-splash. These screens are especially indispensable in wintry conditions as they completely divert the windstream up and around the body and head of the rider, which can also be useful while travelling at motorway speeds.


We measure the screens, as they are attached to the scooter, from the top of the headlight assembly to the upper edge of the screen. All the screens we have available are delivered with all necessary fixings and registry documentation included. The proof of European approval certification can be found on the screen itself.


SIP-TIP : Why not push the comfort to the Max and invest in some functionally stylish scooter clothing produced by TUCANO URBANO and /or some cosy hand grip covers?

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Super für Touren

Das Windschild ist super für lange Fahrten bei Kälte und Regen. Wie wenn man in einer Kabine sitzt keine Fahrtwind, kein Regen. Visier offen ohne Winddruck. Einfach ein Muß für Touren. Einziger Wermutstropfen, der Wind zoppelt ganz schön dran. Achtung Befestigungsschrauben gerade soweit anziehen, dass es an den Bügeln nicht mehr runterrutscht.


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