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Product image for 'Steering Damper Kit shock absorber MONORIM for E-Scooter front wheel V4Title'
Steering Damper Kit shock absorber MONORIM for E-Scooter front wheel V4 for SEGWAY Max G30 D/E/P/G30 D II/E II/G30 LD/LE
Part no.: MNSG1021
VAT included Plus shipping
578g / Piece
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Steering Damper Kit shock absorber MONORIM for E-Scooter front wheel V4

for SEGWAY Max G30 D/​E/​P/​G30 D II/​E II/​G30 LD/​LE

  • black anodised
  • aluminium
    Suspension RACE - first-class
    Race use only!
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    VAT included Plus shipping
    578g / Piece
    Part no.: MNSG1021

    Product description

    Steering damper kit from MONORIM for the e-scooter models SEGWAY Max 30D, Motus Scooty 10, Frugal Power with MONORIM MX0-Y, MX0-B, MX1 (V1, V2, V3, V4) front suspension.


    With these steering damper kits from MONORIM, riding your SEGWAY e-scooter will be a smooth affair.

    • Made from high quality aluminium
    • Provides a quiet and guiding ride
    • Available in red or black

    The steering damper is a component that increases your safety while riding and stabilises the front wheel. You will find it mostly in sport or off-road motorbikes and e-scooters.


    If the front wheel starts to vibrate or turn alternately, the steering damper reduces this effect. These are mainly the so-called yawing movements, i.e., resonance vibrations of the front wheel. It starts with small spontaneous steering wheel movements, but these can quickly reinforce, leading to a total loss of control over the vibrating front wheel and ultimately to an accident. In such situations, the steering damper dampens the vibrations and makes them more controllable. This phenomenon occurs most often at high speed when the front wheel is unloaded, for example when dynamically exiting a corner.


    The effect of front wheel vibration is more common on scooters with a short wheelbase, steep steering tube angle and stiff suspension. It is most dangerous at high speed, which is why the steering damper is often installed in sports scooters. On off-road vehicles, the steering damper reduces uncontrolled steering movements on loose and uneven surfaces. It thus improves driving safety and prevents falling, for example when driving on sand.


    So who needs a steering damper? It is especially useful for people who ride dynamically on scooters, but also for those who ride off the paved roads. If you are wondering whether you need such an additional part, the answer is usually yes - it elevates safety.


    Conclusion: With this steering damper, your e-scooter becomes a slide.

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