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Speedometer for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB
Part no.: 50501340
Including VAT Plus shipping
210g / Piece
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Product image for 'SpeedometerTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'SpeedometerTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'SpeedometerTitle'
Product image for 'SpeedometerTitle'
Product image for 'SpeedometerTitle'


for Vespa 125 VNA/​VNB

  • -90km/​h
  • trapezoidal
  • Ø 72x62 mm
  • face: white
  • black numbers
  • connection: 2,7mm
Grade B - decent repair
5 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
210g / Piece

Product description

Shell-shaped speedometers were included with almost all Vespa largeframe models produced during the sixties.


No matter whether the particular Vespa model had a squared or rounded headlight, such as the VBB, the shell-shaped speedometer adorned all of the Vespa largeframe models from the 1960's.

  • Large selection, from various manufacturers.
  • Ideal for both restorations and economic maintenance.
  • Also available in black.

For this reason we have an enormous choice of speedometers available, for universal use, compatible with a large selection of Vespa models. You are also spoilt for choice with the range of different coloured displays and lettering. Original PIAGGIO speedometers have the traditional light blue/blue logo and lettering and are perfect for factory restorations. To simplify the choice slightly we link the individual speedometer styles to the Vespa models they were actually issued with as original standard equipment. Aftermarket speedometers, from other manufacturers, cannot be sold including the PIAGGIO logo so they are designed and produced without one. They are extremely economically-priced, but regrettably not quite perfect in their production, so we usually give them a rating of between two and three.

The SIP reproduction speedometers are produced by a renowned vehicle instrumentation manufacturer and are universally compatible with many Vespa models and are equipped with a very accurate measuring mechanism. They are decidedly precise, even following intensive use! Most of them are also decorated with a chromed ring surrounding the face.


Speedometers interchangeable between the individual models in the range.

Principally all speedometers with the same shape and dimensions are interchangeable. This has the advantage that a Vespa VBB model that has been equipped with a powerful MALOSSI 211 cylinder can also have a speedometer fitted that can display speeds beyond the 100kph mark! This not only looks impressive, the MOT testers also demand this capability before certification occurs! If attempting this job, attention should be paid to the correct choice of internal holding bracket, as only similarly-shaped steering assemblies share the same version. The speedometer from a headset with a rounded headlight does not possess the same holding bracket as a version from a squared headlight and also requires swapping.


Conclusion: The right speedometer, for all fields of use!


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OEM numbers (for comparisons): 83092 - 85503 (PIAGGIO)

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Recommended rating

Worth the price.

Bought a cheaper one and it didn't work. If you feel you need to have a working speedo - spend the money.


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