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Ignition Timing Degree Disc SIP for ignition adjustment for Vespa/Lambretta/Scooter/Maxiscooter
Part no.: 83002100
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120g / Piece
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Ignition Timing Degree Disc SIP for ignition adjustment

for Vespa/​Lambretta/​Scooter/​Maxiscooter

  • plastic

Grade 1 - perfect repair

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11 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
120g / Piece
Part no.: 83002100

Product description

A deciding factor when tuning any motor is a correctly set up ignition timing. Often this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

The ignition timing degree measuring disc is a practical tool that should not be missing in any properly equipped workshop. The very precise SIP Ignition degree disc enables an optimal set up of your ignition system. It is compatible for use with all two/four-stroke motors including all models of Vespa and Lambretta and also 50-180cc two/four-stroke automatic scooter motors. Ignition set up tips can be found on the disc itself by a code.

We recommend the use of the SIP degree disc holder to enable simple attachment to the crankshafts of every Vespa model. This item allows all degree discs to be safely and comfortably held securely in place to make the procedure easier.

Conclusion: An essential tool for every mechanic, whether hobby or professional!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order a stroboscopic lamp, the SIP degree disc holder and a fresh spark plug!


Basic ignition set up instructions :

• Determine Top Dead Centre (TDC) position

• Mark the position of the arrow on the fly wheel on the crankcase with a marker pen.

• Attach the degree disc and align the 0° with the marking on the crankcase.

• Mark also the desired ignition point (anticlockwise) on the crankcase, e.g. 18° before TDC for the MALOSSI 211cc cylinder.

• Remove the degree disc, start the scooter and with the help of the stroboscopic lamp, check the desired ignition marking lines up with the arrow on the flywheel. If not readjust the position of the stator plate until the correct position is found. To save time and effort during later servicing, permanently mark both the crankcase and stator plate to record their position in relation to each other.



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