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Headlight Unit SIP PERFORMANCE LED round Ø 143 mm for Vespa PX80-200/PE/Lusso/'98/MY/'11/LML Star 125-200 2T/4T
Part no.: 57217100
VAT included Free shipping
760g / Piece
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Headlight Unit SIP PERFORMANCE LED round Ø 143 mm

for Vespa PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​'11/​LML Star 125-200 2T/​4T

  • 12V DC
  • incl. mounting material
  • homologation: with e-mark

as an accessory - very beautiful
7 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
760g / Piece
Part no.: 57217100

Product description

LED front light, super-bright, elegant design for Vespa Largeframe scooters


The front-light of classic Vespa scooters unfortunately never anything much to write home about. Around the turn of the millennium the clear glass headlights did improve thing considerably, but even that did not bring real light into the night. The big thing these last few years, in the world of lighting, has been LEDs. These semi-conductors require little energy, and even for a properly bright front-light they are very small. The problem though often is the looks. Unfortunately many aftermarket LED headlights impress with their decidedly unimpressive design; an eyesore in particular on a classic motorscooter.

  • Significantly brighter light
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to fit

We at SIP have done our best to change that, we have come up with an LED headlight which keeps the classic and elegant look of the Vespa Largeframe models. With our SIP PERFORMANCE LED for Vespa 125 GTR/TS/150 Sprint V/180-200 Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/`98/MY/`11/LML Star 125-200 2T/4T you get the best light possible, great night-time light output and excellent daytime visibility. These are just some of the advantages of a modern LED light. The new stylish SIP PERFORMANCE LED are a straightforward replacement with no other modifications needed. Different to other LED lights on the market our headlight comes with a subtle LED strip in the middle which makes the headlight blend in nicely into the overall style of the Vespa without standing out like a sore thumb.


Fitting on classic Vespa models

The headlight comes with “High Power LED“ high/low beam, it simply plugs into any H4 headlight plug. There is a separate wire included to also use the pilot light function.

The SIP PERFORMANCE LED is available with a with headlamp ring either in silver or in black for Vespa 125 GTR/TS/150 Sprint V/180-200 Rally and with a mounting kit for Vespa PX80-200/PE/Lusso/`98/MY/`11/LML Star 125-200 2T/4T. The headlight runs direct current, hence it requires either a battery or an equivalent 12V DC.


Wiring up:

Black = Earth (31)

Blue = Low beam (56b)

Red = High beam (56a)


Black = Earth

Red = Pilot light 


Conclusion: Seeing and being seen: plug and play bright light with a great design, not only a night-blind’s dream.


Technical details:

  • Light output: 868 Lumen
  • Voltage DC: 9-33V
  • Power consumption: 12V, 18W
  • Current consumption: 12V, 1,5A
  • Operating temperature: -40°C~+85°C
  • Round, Ø 143 mm
  • Includes lamp
  • With E-Mark

The Best Setup – Our SIP-TIP:

  • For ease of connecting best also order the correct H4 conversion plug . (art.-no. 58294700)
  • For best current supply use the SIP Performance DC ignition. E.g.: art.-no. 51007RD0

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