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Gudgeon Pin POLINI

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Part no.: P2710002
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Gudgeon Pin POLINI

for art. no. P1190077/​P1190078/​P1190084 P1190077R/​P1250004/​P1400181 P1400181R/​P1400183/​P1400188
  • 12x37 mm

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20g / Piece

Product description

A new cylinder is not always the solution when your cylinder has several thousand kilometers usage.

Get your compression back up where it belongs by replacing piston rings or pistons instead of burdening yourself with major repairs. Our warehouse is full of original and tuning parts and replacement parts like pistons, piston rings, cir clips, piston pins and gasket sets.

Power transfer of the piston to the connecting rod is done by the gudgeon pin. These are placed in grooves in the inner side of the piston. This groove often has a place for security rings/circlips to hinder the gudgeon pin from wandering outside. These should be replaced whenever the piston is renewed or replaced.


SIP-TIP: the right tools to make working on your cylinder easier are: piston ring pliers BU5045, BUZZETTI gudgeon pin tool installation/removal 15194000 and circlip chuck 1782000.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 271.0002 (POLINI)
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