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Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Full Circle Crankshaft FALC
for Vespa 90-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK80-125/​S
Product No.: 40441510
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2,02kg / Piece
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Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
Product Image for 'Full Circle Crankshaft FALCTitle'
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Full Circle Crankshaft FALC

for Vespa 90-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK80-125/​S
for cilinder Ø 54-57mm
  • reed valve
  • stroke 54.0mm
  • conrod 105.0mm
  • Racing
  • cone 25/​22mm, 12mm
  • incl. bearing & oil seals
RACE-TUNING, for professionals

Product description

Small Frame Battle - The day of reckoning has come!


FALC, ZADRA, PARAMAKIT, QUATTRINI, DRT - The Names in the Game. Serious equipment for serious action. High end tuning for small frames that powers out max acceleration for 150 meter and 1/4 mile showdowns. Enduring lap power. Behind this macadam mayhem you'll find the top people in the Italian sprint scene. A little friendly competition has pushed these top tuners to new tuning levels. Get a boost up for Spring.


Information: Regrettably FALC is amongst our most unreliable suppliers. We attempt to compensate for these production inconsistencies by mass ordering whenever the opportunity arises and parts are truly available. This method is no guarantee however and we cannot always meet deliveries immediately when these provisions are all sold out.

We are satisfied to be able to offer similar products from QUATTRINI, DEA, BFA and PARMAKIT to compensate for any potential deficit in the supply of FALC parts. FALC products will still be sold at our shop as we willingly support the careful artistry involved in the creation of such specialist, niche parts by such dedicated engineers.

High tech at it's best - a real highlight from FALC RACING. Another facet of Lauro Cafforio, successful in both Motocross and 125cc Moto GP arenas, is his technical expertise. Cafforio has taken smallframe shafts and has given them a systematic reworking. What's come out is a finely balanced high quality crankshaft, special for the widely used V50/PV/ET3/PK casing (not 125 ETS).


Special features are a thicker 25mm bearing carrier, 22mm oil seal seat and reinforced shaft stub on the clutch side! For those searching for a balanced 54mm capacity crankshaft with decidedly larger crank web, greater distortion security and a 105mm connecting rod, this is pure gold!

The shaft is not restricted only to FALC cylinders, it can be used in connection with every other race cylinder. The connecting rod difference must be adjusted through a base seal.
Attenzione: the crankcase must be machined and the casing modified for the FALC crankshaft!

Full circle shaft / 54mm capacity / 105mm connecting rod / 22/25mm / M12
Full circle crankshaft with Ø 88mm crank web, balanced, 105mm special connecting rod, conrod pin welded to the crank web, lower rod bearing = silver bearing, 22mm oil seal seat , 25mm bearing carrier, thicker cone with M12 thread incl. connecting, KULU and LIMA bearing and oil seals.

SIP TIP: MALOSSI, POLINI, FALC or QUATTRINI cylinders should be outfitted with this crankshaft.
OEM numbers (for comparisons): VNL0004 con biella racing (FALC RACING)

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