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Centre Stand PASCOLI for Vespa 125 V13 63601->V15/V30-33/Hoffmann AB/'51-'53 ACMA
Part no.: 44083000
VAT included Plus shipping
1,15kg / Piece
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Centre Stand PASCOLI

for Vespa 125 V13 63601->V15/​V30-33/​Hoffmann AB/​'51-'53 ACMA

  • h 205 mm
  • w 440 mm
  • Ø 15 mm
  • steel, nickel plated
  • w/o stand feet

Grade 1 - faithful restoration
OEM number(s): 15032 - 13967 (PIAGGIO)
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VAT included Plus shipping
1,15kg / Piece
Part no.: 44083000

Product description

If you have owned a large frame VESPA for a number of years you are probably familiar with this problem. As the seasons pass the centre stand, while consuming too many stand feet, gets more and more out of shape and unfit for the job. At first hardly noticeably, in time so extreme it could pass for a sidestand and leads to your carburettor being flooded if you forget to turn the fuel tap to the off position when parked overnight. It does not have to be like that. A new one can quickly be bought and mounted. We have centre stands available in the following variations.


Standard: The standard centre stands are identical in form to the original PIAGGIO items. While the centre stands available for the wide frame VESPA models are usually zinc coated or even uncoated the centre stands available for the small and large frame VESPA models are either powder coated or painted black. Unless otherwise indicated the stand feet to fit are not included. The standard centre stands are produced either by PASCOLI, with their top quality vintage style items, or a value-for-money reproduced version.


Strengthened/reinforced: the higher compressions required by the more performance orientated VESPA tuning setups create more resistance while kickstarting your motor. This, in turn, with time can bend the centre stand out of shape. For this reason this centre stand has strips of metal welded over each corner of the stand construction to ensure added stability.


Chrome/ chrome twisted: With a (twisted) chromed centre stand you will be catching extra attention, even while parked.


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order suitable stand feet. Check the diameters while ordering!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 15032 - 13967 (PIAGGIO)
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