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Bell-Shaped Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI for Vespa 200 Rally VSE1T 33997 ->/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso/MY/Cosa
Part no.: 45041000
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2,05kg / Piece
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Bell-Shaped Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI

for Vespa 200 Rally VSE1T 33997 ->/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso/​MY/​Cosa

  • reed valve
  • stroke 60,0mm
  • conrod 110,0mm
  • Standard - con rod
  • Connecting rod bearing: 16x20x20 mm
  • pin 16mm
  • fine balanced

TUNING SPORT - powerful
6 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
2,05kg / Piece
Part no.: 45041000

Product description

Everything can be improved on and/or bettered in some way or another. We have put together a selection of high end crankshafts, that are then necessary when aiming for 25 PS and more from your tuning project. The SERIE PRO selection reflects the work of a select number of German/ Austrian tuners with many years of experience between them to support their expertise, some also with an international reputation.


The Bell-shaped (AKA mushroom) crankshaft is a 60mm stroke crankshaft, based on the tried and tested MAZUCHELLI full circle crankshafts. It can only be used with a reed valve engine setup. The primary compression of the engine is lowered due to the excessive amount of crankweb material removed during conversion, allowing a greater volume of fuel mixture to enter the crankcase. Combined with a powerful expansion chambers reverse pulse, this enables more fuel mixture to be available during combustion. The symmetrically arranged, mushroom-shaped design allows an unhindered flow of fuel-mixture gas and also helps prevent the crankshaft twisting due to the equal weight of the crankshaft web halves. The crankshaft is balanced to 12 'o' clock and runs very smoothly.


In the meantime MAZZUCHELLI have started producing LPC crankshafts themselves. This first class crankshaft is exactly weighted to counterbalance the MALOSSI CVF system piston and has a manufacturing tolerance of 2% at the bearing. The greatest advantage of MAZZUCHELLI producing this crankshaft is the reduction in costs by no longer having to reengineer the full circle crankshafts.


The bell-shaped crankshaft offered by SCOOTER & SERVICE is constructed to a similar principle. The shape of the crankwebs differs slightly but with a similar high built quality. These crankshafts also ensure a noticeable power increase and smoother engine running. The crankshafts equipped with the 62 mm connecting rods are pinned using DRT eccentric crankpins. The legendary 62 mm connecting rod is also used in the bell-shaped crank by WORB5. The eccentric crankpin produced by DRT enables this. The crankcase will need slight modification to provide clearance for the longer connecting rod. The cylinder should also be raised by about 1 mm, to avoid piston ring loss! This crankshaft is based on the long stroke crankshaft produced by TAMENI.


Conclusion: One of these crankshafts must be the right stuff for all horsepower junkies.


Bell-shaped crankshaft / stroke 60-62 mm / connecting rod 105-110 mm / 24/25 mm, M12

Bell-shaped crankshaft, with streamlined crankwebs (LPC design), balanced at 12 'o' clock, lower connecting rod bearing = silver bearing. 105 connecting rod (125/150cc) or 110 mm connecting rod (200 cc), stroke 60 or 62 mm, oil seal housing 24 mm, bearing housing 25 mm, stump with M12 thread, incl. connecting rod bearing


SIP community user “Wolle” SCOOTER & SERVICE Hamburg: “In my opinion LPC crankshafts are the only way to go when building reeded motors. Maximum performance, virtually no danger of crank twisting and a smoother end of performance. When constructing hardcore reeded motors we only use LPC crankshafts.”

Balance factor with original piston Malossi 210: (60g + 150g)/(60g + 315g + 10g)=54%

Balance factor with extremely reworked piston Malossi 210: (60g + 150g)/(60g + 297g + 10g)=57%

Balance factor unmachined crankshaft with original Malossi piston: (60+34)/(60+315+10)=25%

EAN Number: 42602771806452

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