A team of five unique personalities have come together through their shared passion for a modern, innovative and foldable scooter to rethink urban mobility. Their mission is to make travelling in big cities, especially over short distances, more comfortable and efficient. GO!MATE's vision centres on bridging distances - whether in the city, in the countryside or in the wilderness - in an uncomplicated way. They strive for sustainable mobility for all age groups that is as simple as possible.

The five founders of Go!Mate - Birgit, Thomas, Stephan, Lothar and Jörg - have a deep connection to their environment and the community in which they live. Their products bear the "Made in Germany" seal, not as a mere marketing tool, but because they value creative approaches, favour intelligent solutions, appreciate precise craftsmanship and desire excellent quality in design and production. Their E-Scooters, designed in Switzerland, epitomise the attention to detail and precision of Swiss inventiveness.

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