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E-bike tuning - the different engines at SIP Scootershop


The market for e-bikes and pedelecs is booming and highly competitive. Motor manufacturers must also constantly come up with new ideas and further developments. The manufacturers of e-bikes and pedelecs are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a drive. And this also applies to the customers, who ultimately decide with their wallets which bike they want to ride with which motor. At SIP Scootershop, we offer tuning for the following motor manufacturers:

The Swabian company entered the e-bike business in 2009 and has since established a leading position in the production of drives and batteries. The subsidiary Bosch eBike Systems shines time and again with innovations and new product lines. Whether mountain bike, e-bike, pedelec or S-pedelec - Bosch motors are suitable for all demands.


It's hard to believe that the Japanese came onto the market with a mid-mounted motor as early as 1993 and were way ahead of their time back then. Since 2014, it is impossible to imagine the market for electric two-wheelers without YAMAHA's Powerdrive series. The latest development is the GIANT SyncDrive Sport motor, which is particularly impressive with its lag-free acceleration.


Made in Berlin. The traditional German company for automotive accessories has been impressing with motors for e-bikes and pedelecs since 2014. This includes the Drive TF, a powerful 500 watt drive for S-pedelecs. BROSE motors are light, efficient and are now installed in over 50 bike brands worldwide.


The Japanese company for bicycle accessories is probably known to everyone who is even marginally involved with two-wheelers. SHIMANO tried its hand in the e-bike market as early as 2010 with STePS, but with only moderate success. This changed with the new mid-mounted motor, which has been able to establish itself on the competitive market since 2014.


Derby Cycle GmbH, with the brands Kalkhoff, Univega, Raleigh and Focus, is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe. With the IMPULSE drive, the first mid-mounted motor with integrated coaster brake was launched in 2011. In 2014, the IMPULSE 2.0 was released as a further development of the successful model. In 2020, Derby Cycle GmbH discontinued the production of the motor.


The huge Japanese conglomerate has existed since March 1918 and produces household and consumer electronics. From flat screen televisions to hair dryers. PANASONIC entered the e-bike drive business in 2014. The renowned brands KTM, Kettler, Kreidler and Gazelle rely on the powerful 36-volt mid-mounted motors from Japan.


Italian know-how is used to produce motors that are now installed in several renowned brands. We can now also offer tuning modules for these drives.

Innovations from Ottobrunn. This is what the two owners Johannes Biechele and Fabian Reuter stand for, who have been pedalling with their start-up since 2013. The FAZUA Energy Ride System is fully integrated into the frame and is used in the renowned brands Canyon, Pinarello, Trek and Focus. A success story from Upper Bavaria.

Quality from Italy - since 1945 POLINI is best known as the world's leading manufacturer of accessories for scooters and maxi-scooters. When the company launched the E-P3 electric motor in September 2016, the surprise was great. In the same year, the motor won the CosmoBike Tech Award for innovation, technology and design.


The Chinese conglomerate has been romping around the electric two-wheeler industry since 2015 with its Max Drive mid-motor. With its high torque of 80 Nm, the BAFANG drive is particularly appreciated in the mountains. In addition to motors, BAFANG develops batteries, sensors, control units and user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Founded in 1994 by Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl in Upper Bavaria, the company is now active in many industries and at many locations. The TQ HPR 120S motor has been ready for series production since 2015 and impressed dealers and the trade press alike. Above all, its torque of 120 Nm put it at the top of the competition and it has been installed in Haibikes, for example, since 2018.

PENDIX GmbH was founded in 2013 by five engineers in Zwickau and has been a player in the market for e-bikes and pedelecs since 2015 with the PENDIX eDrive. The special thing about this drive is the fact that it can be used to convert almost any standard bicycle into an e-bike or pedelec with a mid-mounted motor. An innovation Made In Germany.

The manufacturer SPECIALIZED from the USA develops many components and parts of its e-bikes itself. The drives are based on Brose motors, but are equipped with their own software, which is supposed to ensure perfect coordination between motor and material.


A traditional company that has also been active in the e-bike market for several years under the name ZF Micro Mobility. With the RS drive, they bring a whopping 112 Nm onto the road and especially off-road.


It should be noted that the operation of this type of modified electric bicycle on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The dealer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of tuning products. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products must not be used on public roads, cycle paths and squares. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products may only be used on private property and at your own risk.