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ZELIONI - Exclusive accessories at SIP Scootershop

ZELIONI - Be Unique! Nowadays, when a new Vespa model is launched, ZELIONI is the first manufacturer to come up with matching accessories. The current product portfolio at SIP Scootershop includes over 200 accessories for all modern Vespa variants. Whether grips, gear levers or shock absorbers - ZELIONI offers high-end quality.

  • High-end accessories for Modern Vespa models.

  • Italian flair meets contemporary design

  • Exclusively available at SIP Scootershop

  • Black Edition and more ...

ZELIONI - Passion for Vespas

The owner of ZELIONI has been a fan of Classic and Modern Vespas for more than twenty years. But he didn't get into the business of accessories for old Vespas in the first place. In 2011 he became a pioneer for high-quality, aluminium-made, add-on parts and accessories for Modern Vespas. At the beginning, he marketed his products via Facebook or Instagram and occupied a niche market, because there were hardly any accessories of this quality for Vespa scooters. In the Asian region, ZELIONI was already extremely successful in the custom scene after a short time, but it lacked access to the European market.

So it seems like a lucky twist of fate that Moritz Kohrs, Head of Purchasing at SIP Scootershop, sounded out the market for these parts in 2013. Moritz soon realised that ZELIONI had hit a nerve in the scene: "There were the classic chrome accessories, for example a crash bar or luggage rack. But there was nothing that made these boxes look modern in any way."

Moritz Kohrs contacted the manufacturer and the scooter lovers quickly hit it off. The beginning of an extremely fruitful business relationship and friendship. The whole ZELIONI story was practically born out of necessity, as Moritz explains: "The owner had bought a Modern Vespa and was not at all satisfied with the look. Since he couldn't find any parts on the market to spice up his scooter, he thought, "Then I'll do it myself."

At first, Moritz had doubts whether the high-price segment would be accepted by the market, but after a test order, all doubts were dispelled.

ZELIONI - High End Accessories

From design to finish, all steps are in the hands of the manufacturer alone. The products are manufactured in Taiwan, because the country is a world leader in the processing of aluminium.

The design and manufacture of ZELIONI parts are unique in the world. CNC milling machines finally turn the 3D models into high-quality products made of aluminium. In hours of precision work, even the smallest grooves are "cut" into the metal for the stylish look. This is followed by anodising: a refinement of the aluminium by means of an oxide layer that protects against rust and can be applied in a matt or glossy finish. "You simply have to have held the products in your hand to realise what quality they are," says Moritz enthusiastically. In the end, SIP Scootershop was so convinced by the ZELIONI parts that they took over exclusive distribution for Europe in 2015.

ZELIONI - pioneer of the Black Edition Series

»Over the years, a special relationship has developed between us and ZELIONI. We love the affinity with Italian models and brands. Add to that the high-quality materials and extremely stylish designs.«
–Moritz Kohrs, Purchasing Manager SIP Scootershop

At some point, there was a fad in the custom scene that screwdrivers started swapping all the silver parts on their scooters for black ones. "Black Is Beautiful!" was the motto. ZELIONI recognised the trend and immediately offered a so-called "Black Edition", which quickly achieved cult status. The bumpers from this edition alone are a feast for the eyes and a real eye-catcher.

But whether it's shock absorbers, flashy brake discs or exhausts with the typical "Z" branding - ZELIONI stands for style and visible sportiness. The designers and product developers at ZELIONI take suggestions. And in the end, accessories are created that are precisely tailored to the wishes of the customers at SIP Scootershop. For example, many accessories for 50 cc Modern Vespas were manufactured in close cooperation with our product management.

ZELIONI - The most popular accessories at SIP Scootershop.

It is truly difficult to recommend a special part from ZELIONI. The variety is too great and ultimately the personal taste of each custom fan is decisive. Because ZELIONI stands for individualism and your very own style. Just have a look at SIP Scootershop to get an impression of ZELIONI and its product range. We wish you a lot of fun!

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