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TRITTBRETT - Become part of the Trittbrett family

TRITTBRETT - They say of themselves that they may not have invented the first e-scooter, but they invented the best. Well, we can't judge that by any stretch of the imagination, but we'll just leave it at that. However, TRITTBRETT is a damn cool company and the e-scooters look great.

  • Up to 75 km range

  • Almost all models with BOSCH motor

  • Constant further development and innovations

"Since we have put our heart and soul into the development, this should also be reflected in the names. Our scooters, and we are convinced of this, have a soul."

–Holger, CEO Trittbrett

TRITTBRETT - Born on the Nürburgring

The history of the company began at the Nürburgring. Despite the smell of fuel in their noses, the guys discussed e-scooters and their future. Since they had been working with battery technology and motor sports for years, a company was born out of this discussion: TRITTBRETT.

The e-scooters come directly from the "Pott", to be more precise: Mülheim an der Ruhr. They are equipped with a powerful BOSCH motor and come directly with a mobile phone holder. Beloved family members are honoured with names like "Kalle", "Emma", "Paul" or "Fritz". As you can see, everything is a little different at Trittbrett, but of course the e-scooters impress with their solid quality and flawless function.

The most popular TRITTBRETT products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: The coolest guys in the e-scooter business build fine scooters for everyone.

Now it's easy: Insurance for your E-Scooter

In Germany, you need a so-called foil number plate for your e-scooter in road traffic. It looks like the familiar metal number plate for mopeds, but it is slightly smaller and is attached to the back of the e-scooter. We have a very practical service for you so that you don't have to search the internet or make annoying phone calls: You can order the new foil number plate quickly and conveniently from Gothaer Versicherung via our partner link and it will be delivered directly to your home free of charge:

And then it's just a matter of sticking on your number plate and off you go. It doesn't get any faster than that!